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Advanced electrified control systems are smart solutions for the conventional functioning of different types of electric equipment. Custom-built control panels play an important role in the effective operation of such appliances. Several companies have been successful in fulfilling the personalized needs of such control panels – Servomax Limited is one of the best electric control panel manufacturers and suppliers in India. Have a look at the characteristic instances of the company’s marvelous control devices.

Control Panels – The Most Mandatory Devices for Different Equipment

Avoiding the unbearable manual disturbances and efforts, control panels have come up. Today, many types of electric equipment need control panels that are so beneficial and affordable. They entail certain characteristic elements like increased reliability, advanced control techniques, programmed functions, and so on to manage the appliance applications. Ease of installation, simple statistical analysis, and other such considerations make them much more preferable. Control panels are the inevitable devices for many industrial, commercial, and residential power-based equipment.

Servomax Limited – The Esteemed Control Panel Manufacturer and Supplier

With extensive global standard measures, Servomax Limited has been an esteemed control panel manufacturer and supplier. It not only provides exemplary solutions to its customers across India but also to its valuable clients abroad.

The Company is specialized in offering Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC panels). As known, among many things; the power factor is one of the most important considerations. It is the ratio of the actual power to the apparent power – increased power-factor is very much important. Otherwise, unnecessary wastage of power results in power and maintenance loss.

APFC panels enable maintaining the power-factor and control the power usage – they provide substantial power as required for the equipment. Servomax Limited follows strict national and international standards like IS, BIS, IEC, and so on in the manufacturing and testing processes. Without any compromise on the quality, the products are perfectly useful for diversified equipment.

  • Customized Designs and Diversified Capacities

Servomax Limited is a favorable choice for many customers due to it's trusted and branded service. It is engaged in offering customized designs of control panels as per the desired applications. The size, installation location, and so are considered well while designing. It manufactures different types of APFC panels with capacities up to 3000kVAR. So, there is a wide range of choices for the end-users.

  • Manifold Applications

The control panels of Servomax Limited are suitably useful for many applications. They are used in –

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Commercial and residential applications
  • Granite industries
  • BPO organizations
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Rice mills
  • Hospitals
  • Cement and paper mills
  • Healthcare institutions

All these centers use different types of equipment that utilize perfect control panels for excellent functioning. Therefore, one can have a desirable control panel for any of the diversified applications.

  • Best Financial Savior for Industries

APFC panels of Servomax Limited is the best financial saviors for industries. They avoid the loss of efficiency – they correct the power-factor and, therefore, enable perfect and substantial utilization of power without any wastage.

If there is a lower power-factor, the government imposes a penalty on industries for the unnecessary or over-usage of electricity. Therefore, to avoid such penalties, it is essential to use APFC panels for industrial equipment. Such reliable control panels have dual purposes – they help in the effective functioning of industrial equipment and also reduce the unexpected power penalties.

  • Servocare – A Branded Control Panel Service

Servocare by Servomax Limited is a branded service provided to users over the globe. Any sort of repairs in the motor drives, transformers, power circuits, control circuits, over-current protection devices, grounding panels, contactors, switches, or terminal blocks of the control panel is easily possible. It offers 100% quality service to the users immediately and resolves the related issues.

Therefore if you are seeking a reliable control panel, then approach Servomax Limited and attain economical, standard, and customized models within no time.

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