Why Choose Xamarin for your Next Android App Development Project?

Posted by katherinegilbert on September 18th, 2019

In this era, everything is made possible with a magical device in hand. Yes, the device that is called a smartphone is making lives easier and accessible on the go. Talking of the Android platform alone, there are around 2.1 million apps available on Google Play Store.

For any business to scale up its game in the market, having a mobile app is a prerequisite. And, building an Android-compatible app is another benefit if you wish to target more people.

If you understand how having an “Android app” could be a good move towards improving the business reach, the next decision in your list is to choose a platform to build the Android app. Which one would be the best when there are a plethora of options available? 

For a fact, Xamarin, owned by Microsoft is considered as a popular choice among Android developers. It is a cross-platform technology that aids in building custom apps that are both interactive and responsive.

Here’s why considering the Xamarin app development solution could be the best decision for your business.


1. It Does Not Cost Anything

This comes as joyful news for all the start-ups out there. The initial costs that go into building a mobile app can significantly reduce with Xamarin as a solution since Microsoft has made it free. But, that does not mean that Xamarin does not serve quality.

It is an effective cross-platform framework that works smoothly, in turn, scaling up the user experience. Also, the added advantage is the ability to create reusable code for future endeavors.


2. Offering Native-Like User Experience

Be it Olo, FreshDirect, or The World Bank; these well-established apps are built using Xamarin. The reason behind its adaption is the accessibility to native UIs and other toolkits that are readily used for Android app development.

The idea is to offer an interface to the users that is easy to use and familiar in design. And, that is what Xamarin tries to achieve.


3. An Impressive Time to Market

The reduced time-to-market is the dream of every business looking forward to launching their app. With Xamarin, this dream can be brought to life. The platform supports a code-sharing option that, in turn, speeds up the development process.

There are two advantages that follow. One, the development time gets reduced, and two, the time-to-market gets reinforced.


4. Easy Maintenance Equal to Great Solution

What a relief it is when you do not have to worry much about the app maintenance. Such is the benefit of using Xamarin as your app development partner. Using a particular code for various solutions? Are there due updates and bug fixtures?

With Xamarin, you can simply make changes to the source code and they would automatically reflect across other solutions.


5. You get iOS App as Bonus

Xamarin is a cross-platform language. That means when you write your app for Android, it will take very little effort to build a corresponding iOS App. Suddenly instead of building two separate apps, you are building one but getting two! It brings down the total cost of ownership and investment required to launch your app in the world.

The “one code across platforms” solutions prove to be a win-win situation. Both the developers and the clients reap in the benefits of using Xamarin as their app development option.


Xamarin Plus Points in Brief



Development Cost

Low to affordable

Development Time


App Portability


Native Functionality

The performance of Xamarin on Android apps is stable

Native User Interface

Offers the ability to customize the user interface for different platforms

Data Amount

Gracefully embraces large amounts of data

Launch Time

Offers high-speed launching owing to availability of reusable code


Wrapping Up!

There are a lot of available app development platforms in the market. While making the choice seems tricky, the Xamarin benefits can provide some food for thought.

Have any ideas? Share it with reputed Xamarin developers and witness your project transforming ideas into reality.

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