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Posted by Deprez Leadership on September 18th, 2019

Business owner has passed away in unexpected way and you really do not know what to do next. This is a highly usual circumstance where you could find yourself not knowing what to do next. When building a business through efforts and, hard work business owners makes sure that his/her employees are in good position and their jobs will be safe. When he or she unexpectedly dies, all that changes.

Unexpected Death of a Business Owner brings sadness, grief, shock and fear to people associated with business resulting in high uncertainty and  concerns  about their future.

But what happens when business owner dies? 

What if owner fails to have a succession plan? It can bring confusion and chaos to business, business associates, employees and family members and everyone associated with the business. Assured leadership, professional assistance and expert guidance are required to ensure the business survives the death of the business owner.Go with company that can offer advisory support to the family members:

Look for the company that can provide advisory support to the family members, boards and other stakeholders as they are the people who are going to have to face the uncertainty, fear and issues resulting from the unexpected death of the owner.

Find out best way to meet the challenges in leadership, ownership and other complicating matters:

A cross functional team including the business’ trusted advisors (Lawyers, accountants, wealth manager, etc) is needed to work with the company’s clients, stakeholders, employees, boards and family members.  Navigating this problematic environment by developing and executing a transition plan will result in the best solutions. You should look for the professionals who have broad experience in the field to deal with the complex set of circumstances.  They can offer you best way to meet the changes in leadership, ownership, financial, legal, estate, tax and other matters.

They can also work with you on leadership succession when a business owner dies. For the business to survive, successful succession of the leadership is essential. .  This is never easy as even the best prepared successor will be challenged due to the combination of shock, grief and uncertainty.

Business owner’s death will negatively affect valuation and impact on the growth and success of any business. Expert transition leadership and advisory support is essential to reduce fear, build confidence, address business issues and make sure that company will survive and maintain a stable platform for future growth. Surviving an unexpected loss is not an easy thing and professional guidance is essential and you can  look to Deprez Leadership to deal with such circumstance.   The team at Deprez Leadership has deep experience with Transition Leadership after a business owner's death.  They are experts at working with the company’s cross-function team of advisors, employees and professionals to develop strategies to deal with all issues including customers, suppliers, the bank, insurance matters, , legal, employee emotional challenges and more. Although the unexpected death of owner may negatively impact the business, it does not have to result in the company’s failure. Successful transition leadership after the business owner’s death can lead to a rebirth that propels the company to future success.   

Why choose Deprez Leadership?

They have a best-in-classteam of experienced professionals

They can offer you tangible solutions and help deal with immediate challenges

They can address  the dynamics of crisis and fear

They help boards and owners make long-term decisions to sell, maintain ownership or shut down the business

Contact Deprez Leadership today to confidentially discuss the challenges from the unexpected death of a business owner.

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