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What is a nylon ribbon?

Posted by ribbonmart on September 18th, 2019

Nylon was developed by Carothers, an outstanding scientist in the United States, and a research team led by it. It is the first synthetic fiber in the world. The appearance of nylon has revolutionized the appearance of textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry and an important milestone in polymer chemistry.

With the miniaturization of automobiles, the high performance of electrical and electronic equipment, and the acceleration of the weight reduction of mechanical equipment, the demand for nylon will be even higher. In particular, nylon, as a structural material, places high demands on its strength, heat resistance and cold resistance. The inherent shortcomings of nylon are also important factors limiting its application. Especially for PA6 and PA66, it has a strong price advantage compared with PA46 and PAl2, although some properties can not meet the requirements of relevant industry development. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the application field by modifying and improving some of its properties for a certain application field. Due to the strong polarity of PA, it has strong hygroscopicity and poor dimensional stability, but it can be improved by modification.

Enhanced PA

Adding 30% glass fiber to PA, PA has obvious improvement in mechanical properties, dimensional stability, heat resistance and aging resistance, and fatigue resistance.


The intensity is 2.5 times less than the enhancement. The molding process of glass fiber reinforced PA is almost the same as that of unreinforced, but the injection pressure and injection speed should be appropriately increased due to the increased flow before the flow, and the barrel temperature is increased by 10-40 °C. Since the glass fiber is oriented in the flow direction during the injection molding process, the mechanical properties and shrinkage rate are enhanced in the orientation direction, resulting in deformation and warpage of the product. Therefore, when the mold is designed, the position and shape of the gate should be reasonable, and the process can be improved. The temperature of the mold, the product is taken out and placed in hot water to allow it to cool slowly. In addition, the greater the proportion of glass fiber added, the greater the wear on the plasticizing component of the injection molding machine, preferably using a bimetallic screw and barrel.

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