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Kensington is considered one of the commercial areas of London. It is also a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, West London. The high street located western part is considered as the heart of Kensington district. The Kensington High street has classic departmental stores and bakeries from the late 19th century. Apart from the classic department stores and bakeries from the mid-1970s, Kensington Clinic has played a vital role in the success of high street and Kensington.

Here, you will find clinics for all types such as Kensington Physio, Kensington Osteopath, Kensington Chiropractor, etc. In this article, we will talk about Kensington physio. In simple terms, physiotherapy helps the patient to restore mobility and flexibility when he/she is affected by injury, illness, or disability.

Physiotherapy is helpful to people of all ages with a varied range of health conditions such as:
- Bones, Joints and soft tissues
- Brain or nervous system
- Heart and circulation
- Lungs and breathing

What Physiotherapist do?

Rather than focusing on individual parts, physiotherapist conder the whole human body in the treatment. In the procedure, the therapists look at the points mentioned below:

1. Education and advice:

The therapists provide general guidance of the things which are responsible for affecting the patient's daily lives such as postures, or the correct method of lifting stuff, etc.

2. Movement, personalized exercise, and physical activity advice:

On the basis of the patient's improvement and injury, Kensington Physio recommends various physical exercise to their patients. This physical exercise helps the patient in general health and mobility and strengthen a particular part of the body.

3. Manual Therapy:

In this step, physiotherapist uses their hands in order to relieve pain and muscle stiffness which encourages better movement of the body.

Since we have understood what physiotherapists do, let us understand the whole physiotherapy process in-depth.

1. Initial Consultation:

In this step, the Kensington Physio will check the history of the medical history of the patient. He will ask a few questions to the patient which will help him in analyzing the current physical condition of the patient. In this step, the therapist will also understand the complaints and the information shared by the patient. The physiotherapist will also look at the current medication and the reports of the patient.

2. Assessment:

Once the physiotherapist has got all the information about the patient and his physical pain, the next thing he does is evaluate the patient. In this step, the therapist will carry-out gauge general mobility to the patient. In this step, the Kensington Physio will deeply diagnose the patient and try to go to the core of the pain. In the physiotherapy process, assessment is an essential step. During the analysis process, the therapist also pressurizes those parts of the body where there is pain under the depth of the pain.

3. Treatment:

After the complete analysis of the patient, the Kensington Physio will start the treatment of his patient. On the basis of the patient's description and his understanding during the assessment process, he will begin treating the patient. Using the latest tools and machinery, the therapist will heal all the muscle pain and its stiffness.

This was complete guidelines about the Kensington Physiotherapy and its process. On the contrary to physiotherapy, there are various types of massages available which can help you in healing from all the physical and mental ailments. For the people of west London or Kensington suffering from any sort of physical pain and seeking treatment, contact Medical Home Visits for the same. They have a team of an experienced team of physiotherapists who are expert in healing any physical pain. You can also get the Physiotherapy at your home, office, or hotel room from Medical Home Visit.

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