All You Need To Know About Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa

Posted by Torrevieja Translation on September 19th, 2019

One way for a non-European citizen to stay in Spain is to apply for a ‘non-lucrative’ visa at the embassy or consulate of Spain. Just like the name suggests, it is not like a regular student or working visa. It essentially means that you will not be allowed to work for a Spanish employer. Nonetheless, a Spanish non lucrative visa can be very useful for people who are retired and would like to lead a peaceful life enjoying the beaches and historic cities, the Spanish food, the culture and a climate that is perfect all year round! That is also the reason why this visa is sometimes also nicknamed as the retirement visa.

If you are not thinking of retirement as of yet, but still would like to live in Spain, then this visa would be perfect. If you are working remotely for non-Spanish employers then this visa will suffice as well. The only hurdle before you can land in the Spanish heaven is that getting this visa is not a cakewalk. You can either hire law firms and agents to get you this visa and shell out a major chunk of your savings on their fees or try to do it on your own and face the inevitable rejections. Both these options are not lucrative for obtaining the non-lucrative visa Spanish. So then how can you get the Non-lucrative visa Spanish? You can get that with advice and assistance! People who are well-versed with the process and most importantly know the language can help you in not just getting the visa but also with other legal formalities when you land in Spain.

Torrevieja Translation is one such place where you can get all the information and assistance that you need for your Spanish non-lucrative visa as well as living life in Spain. Torrevieja Translation will also help you be aware of what you can legally do and not do in Spain and also give you a hint about how life will be when you move to Spain. If you do not want to get duped or do not want to face legal troubles, you can avail their services and also read their blogs and books on living in Spain. Settling in Spain now made easy with Torrevieja Translation.

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