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Luxury Begins at Home With Indian Luxury Brands

Posted by luxuryfacts on September 19th, 2019

Move aside Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and host of other international luxury brands that command a high selling price in the Indian market, but do not really cater to truly desi needs.

The Indian idea of luxury is going through a revolution of sorts, and slowly but surely, we are realizing that luxury needn’t be solely imported from the west, and Indian luxury brands are just as good and at times better suited to Indian sensibilities than anything the west can import to the Indian subcontinent.  Let’s take a look at the changing face of Indian luxury, with an emphasis on truly desi luxury brands.

Luxury Indian Weaves

In recent times, we have been compelled to reevaluate the value of Indian weaves and fabrics that once were the very epitome of luxury around the globe. Not very long ago, Kangana Ranaut, Bollywood actress and desi style icon, came in for criticism for an airport look that matched a brilliant saree with a price-tag of a mere 600 rupees, juxtaposed with a Prada Bag and branded sunglasses that cost 2-3 lac rupees and more.

Twitter users were up in arms and for good reason. Kangana’s well-intentioned ‘Make in India’ gesture considerably shortchanged the monetary value of exquisite Indian weaves. However, the good news is that Indian consumers are waking up to the value of exquisite Indian weaves and many will not tolerate devaluation of precious native weaves, which are often a result of painstaking craftsmanship.

Furthermore, this attitude is being followed up by a reversal of trends and an increased demand for luxury Indian fabrics and weaves at a premium price. As such, where there is a demand, there is supply, and Indian luxury brands like the House of Angadi are bridging the gap between demand and supply for exquisite, premium priced Indian weaves and fabrics.

Luxury Hospitality

Indian luxury is expanding to so much more than just fashion and haute couture. While the market is now replete with desi brands that epitomize luxury in the form of apparel, shoes, bags, home furnishings and more; Indian hospitality is taking on a form of luxury and being recognized for the highest degrees of customer service and comfort.

While traditional palatial heritage hotels in Jodhpur and Jaipur, among other places; have long served as stellar examples of the Indian hospitality industry, we now have world class bars like the AER Mumbai, at the Four Seasons in Worli, which is proof enough that Indians are ready to party in the lap of luxury.

Luxury in India Has a Digital Address

It’s fair to say that while television and print media continue to serve as platforms for the promotion of consumer products and services for the masses; the internet and social media in particular is driving the appetite for Indian luxury.

Luxury brands in India are employing digital marketing at its best, for the purpose of self-promotion and to tell a brand story. While some engage celebrities and social media influencers to aid in the process, time is ripe for the advent of India's very own virtual influencer, much like UAE’s Laila Blue.

Till then Indians with a penchant for luxury, can always depend on India’s digital luxury platform;

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