Does a VPN Slow Down Internet Connection?

Posted by freemexy on September 19th, 2019

A VPN is definitely a great tool for Internet users to hide their IP addresses, bypass geographical restrictions and encrypt their private data.  @¥#456!
Have you ever suffered from a slow Internet connection with a VPN? Usually, many people tend to blame VPNs for slow Internet speeds. In fact, whether a VPN slows down your Internet connection depends on your circumstances. Here are a few factors that will impact your Internet connection when you use a VPN. 
Your physical distance to the VPN server 
The physical distance between you and the server you connect is a common factor that impacts your speed. The longer the distance, the slower your Internet connection would be. For example, if you are in India, your Internet speed will be slower when you connect to a US server as compared to a HongKong server.  
The type of encryption
VPNs adopt strong encryption to shield your traffic data from potential cyber attacks. High-quality encryption will cause a slow Internet speed in return because it takes a longer time for your data to travel through the encrypted tunnel.
Server load
Some VPNs offer servers that are not capable of processing a large number of users. When the number of users on the server you connect to exceeds its limit, your speed will be very slow. While you don’t have to worry about this when it comes to reputable VPNs because they offer many high capacity servers around the world.
ISP speed limitations
Since the best VPN has little impact on your speed, the ISP speed limitation is to blame in most cases. When your own Internet speed is slow, it won’t be much faster with a VPN. If that’s the case, you should just change your bandwidth pan offered by your ISP or choose another ISP.

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