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Posted by Sherif Saad on September 19th, 2019

Network security is one of the critical factors that can ensure the integrity and usability of your data and entire network. It encompasses both software and hardware technologies, and to become effective, it should also manage access to your network, while working to target and stop an array of threats before these issues enter or spread throughout your system. Instead of getting individual firewalls, antivirus, and malware protection, consider comprehensive Cisco security solutions, which will provide reliable all-around security that will help reduce costs down the line. Cisco’s solutions can be delivered via the cloud, making it easier to disseminate to every system in your organization.

As your business continues to shift to digitization, the more you need to consider a way to protect your employees and customers. Effective network security provides defense in multiple layers in and around your network. Every layer of network security implements a set of controls of policies, which are customized per requirement. This way, authorized users are able to access network resources, and malicious third-parties can be blocked from doing anything. These solutions can be efficiently delivered through Cisco cloud web security. In the long run, Cisco’s security solutions will not just protect your network, but also your organization’s reputation.

Cisco security solutions come in different types to cover multiple security concerns, such as application security, antimalware and antivirus, access control, data loss prevention, behavioral analytics, firewalls, email security, intrusion prevention, and network segmentation. They can be scaled to fit the unique needs and size of your business and number of workers. Cisco cloud web security also delivers reliable mobile device protection to make sure that malicious third-parties cannot access your team’s personal mobile devices and corporate applications. This can also ensure protection against unauthorized access to your network.

Consider finding an authorized and certified provider of Cisco security solutions in your area. With their help, your company can reach improved business capacity and efficiency, while saving money in the long run. They will implement advanced malware protection and other solutions as a network-based, on-premise, or endpoint solution, and integrated with email security appliances or Cisco cloud web security.


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