Krishna Bhatta’s Journey From Life to Life Inspires Readers to Overcome Challeng

Posted by Donald Hood on September 19th, 2019

1888PressRelease - Physician’s spiritual and philosophical lessons aim to provide a better understanding of the trials and tribulations of one’s life journey.

BANGOR, Maine – Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? All faiths have tried to answer these questions. But in his new book, Journey From Life to Life, Dr. Krishna Bhatta uses a unique perspective to try to understand the essence of these inquiries.

From his interactions with patients – some with lives hanging in the balance – coupled with his many years of studying belief systems on different continents, Dr. Bhatta provides a fresh way of looking at these ancient themes. While many see birth, life and death as a finite series of events in a period proscribed by time, he shares that Asian-based views are far more likely to see the human experience as mere stopping points along an eternal journey, one that has no beginning and no end.

“My goal in writing this book was to draw from my work in the medical field and the inspiring patients I’ve met to give readers a new way of looking at who, what and why we are to get to the truth about what life is all about,” explains Dr. Bhatta. “In life, the greater the goal, the greater the difficulties. With Journey from Life to Life, individuals can take away valuable lessons about how to approach the challenges in their lives simply by gaining a better idea of where they’d like to go and where they are going, which will translate into success.”

The thought-provoking book is Dr. Bhatta’s platform for sharing Indian culture and its ancient truths, connecting readers with a community of spiritual seekers who look within themselves for the betterment of all. He also invites readers to make a practice of meditation – developed as a means of exploring the energy within and to guide our paths and ease our burden on the journey through this life and into their next life – to expand their awareness. With new awareness, we can live more consciously and be more spiritually awake, and our thoughts and actions will flow from this current.

“When we improve ourselves, we improve our world,” says Dr. Bhatta.

From Life to Life can be purchased online through Amazon. Visit Dr. Bhatt’s website at for more information.

About the Author
Krishna Bhatta, MD, FRCS is an author, surgeon and an inventor, currently practicing as chief of urology at Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine. Dr. Bhatta began his life in a small Indian village, attended Patna Medical College in India, continued his education in the UK, and then completed his research and medical training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston before settling in Maine. His wife, Nayantara, is an OB/GYN and their two children are also physicians. Dr. Bhatta is former president of Maine Medical Association and Maine Urology Society.

Dr. Bhatta is equal parts practical and spiritual and he developed fascination with spiritual studies early in his life. He speaks and writes prolifically on meditation and spiritual topics, and frequently travels across the globe to meditate at holy sites and speak with luminaries from various spiritual traditions. His lectures, writings, podcasts, songs and video talks on Gita, Krishna and other spiritual topics are based on his personal journey and experiences, as well as a lifetime of exploring spiritual texts, giving him a unique understanding and perspective.

Dr. Bhatta takes joy in sharing what he has learned and earnestly hopes to further the spiritual discoveries of generations to come.

For more information about Dr. Bhatta, visit

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