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Nursery admission in Noida school

Posted by Nishant on September 19th, 2019

Give your child a promising future 


How to register

JBM global school has made it very easy to apply for the Nursery admission in Noida school by giving the option of filling an online form. The form is available on the website. The form includes the information of both the parents in detail. Usually, schools have the whole procedure to be done manually. Under this case, the parents would have to go to the school and fill the form and then wait for the entire process to get finished. By keeping the digital form as an option, there is less burden on the school and parents. 


JBM global should is ideal for Nursery admission in Noida expressway school. As they have heavily invested in making kid-friendly classes and taken care of minute details which help children much. From the furniture to the boards that are in the class are put in place specifically to create an environment in which the child can quickly learn new concepts. The teachers have frequent interactive sessions with the children.

Criterion for clearance

Nursery admission in Noida extension school has an approach, and children in the primary, middle, and higher sections of the school are selected based on these criterions only. The first and foremost criterion is that there must be a vacancy in the class. The second criterion is on the passing of oral and written tests that the school prepares for the child. 


The process of admission in the school is as follows:

  • Registering online via the form available
  • Arranging a visit to the school
  • Presenting all the needed documents in the school which may include the previous records of the child such as the report cards, the progress reports and the photograph of the child
  • For the admission of the pre-primary children the director of the school personally interacts with the parents of the child
  • The principal finalizes the admission of the child 
  • The school authorities notify the parents when the process is complete
  • After completion of the admission procedure on the part of the school, parents are asked to complete all formalities. It is to be completed in a given time frame to make sure their ward secures a seat
  • After the admission process, there is a mandatory health check-up before filing up of the medical form


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