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Legal translation is a type of translation which is not to be treated or taken with levity. It’s important that the right guidelines and steps are maintained in such a type of translation to avoid errors and any related penalties. The use of law in the present-day human society is unavoidable. All forms of deals, transactions and agreements are written in legally binding documents. These types of documents are sometimes written in different languages which may be different from the official language accepted in such jurisdiction.

This would make it necessary for the user of such legal document to translate it to the desired language. It is important that any company or office you would be dealing with has its activities certified by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Justice. The legal translation of such a document will ensure the direct replication of the original content in the target language.

Andalus legal Translation has the experience and expertise to provide the desired result. With years of experience in handling legal translation, we have become a reliable and affordable choice to help in handling all translation services in Dubai. We have managed to develop our linguistic system and we have clearly identified important terminology which is utilized in a variety of legal systems and within the United Arab Emirates. We are able to help you handle a variety of legal documents such as regulations, pleadings, court judgments, awards, summons and so on.

All of the information we handle is critical and as such, they are handled with confidentiality. It is important that we keep the information about the client secure to prevent any unsavory loss of vital information. We also understand that errors in translation could easily lead to costly penalties that could even involve loss of money. Andalus legal Translation office looks to readily improve its services and the consistency of the results which it produces.

Andalus translation has an extensive level of experience in the country and we have been able to deal with scores of clients from all over the country and other corners of the world. When you hire us for your service, you can be certain of consistent results. Their activities and translation techniques also have to be compliant with existing regulations.

Translation services done by Andalus include the following;

●     Certified translation of certificates

●     Certified translation of court orders

●     Certified translation of wills

●     Certified translation of affidavits

We ensure that we put all of our work through different stages of scrutiny to ensure that things are kept accurate and error-free. This way, users can enjoy the service without having to worry about any additional editing and proofreading. Andalus is a brand which is committed to constantly look for the best solutions for all of the projects which it handles. And has its legal translation office in Dubai itself for years.

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