Factors to consider for machine vision lighting design

Posted by Heiwhite on September 19th, 2019

There are different types of machine vision techniques which are being used these days. They are very helpful in successfully carrying out complex industrial operations. They are being made to deal with complex situations that occur in any industry. But for every vision inspection machine, lighting is one of the important components. If you want your automated imaging system to work carefully and properly, you will need proper lighting as well. All the vision inspection machine manufacturers should ensure that the machine vision lighting system should work properly. And that is why they need to design it carefully, by taking a few things into considerations. Here, we will help you know what all the things you need to consider during the machine vision lighting design.

Know what machine vision will produce

For designing a lighting system of machine vision, it is important for vision inspection system manufacturers to know what the machine vision will produce. One should know that for lighting and inspection which areas or which parts are important. Once you will know that which area should be illuminated properly, it will help in making the machine vision lighting design easy.

Analyzation of Part presentation

To make a proper lighting design, one also need to know how the part of the area that needs to be inspected is going to be presented. Whether that part will be stationary or it will be moving, whether it will be obstructed or it will be clear, check all these things. These things do affect the designing of the machine vision lighting system. It also impacts the result of the machine vision lighting system. So, do access the part clearly to know how it needs to be accommodated in the design of the machine vision lighting system.

Check the characteristics of the surface

The different characteristics of the surface also affects the machine vision lighting system design. This is one of the reasons why one must analyse the characteristics of the surface. Like if there if will be a flat surface, it will not require different lightings. But if there is a curved surface, it will require different lightings. So, check the shape of the surface, its texture, the contrast of the surface, and the reflectivity of the surface in advance. So, that one can take all these things into consideration during the designing of the lighting system.

Check the environmental factors

There are different types of environmental issues, which create problem in machine vision lighting. Like in the vacuum, the machine vision lighting will not work. In the ambient light, the machine vision lighting system will create an inconsistent environment for the lighting. So, one should know about the environmental factors beforehand, so that no issues should occur during the machine vision lighting.

There are some vision inspection system manufacturers, who consider all the important factors during the machine vision lighting design. As it will not create any obstruction in the work. You can check the website of some of these manufacturers like https://www.topvision.net. Some other factors which one should consider are the lighting option and the lighting limitations.

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