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Posted by limmzhou on September 20th, 2019

One serious drawback in Guru Clubs is that there is actually no incentive to keep playing long term, you're not rewarded for fifa mobile 20 coins your time and efforts; something which Ultimate Team does really well. It is hard to pinpoint just how a rewards system will work or what the rewards will be, it might be Ultimate Team packs (some thing that the Journey does already), cosmetic accessories and unlockables for your pro, skill and expertise points or new CPU players to your group. There have even been suggestions to apply something very similar to Fortnite's combat pass, encouraging people to play and finally making this mode monetizable; a triumph for everyone involved.

One of the core mechanisms in Ultimate Team, is your ability to trade your players and pick up new recruits to you squad. This is something which could be interpreted into Guru Clubs by being able to exchange your CPU players. Think back to the original buy FIFA 20 Coins Street, your players will grow as you progressed through the game, since the game went on you can exchange them out for better players.

It would be good to have the ability to tailor your staff the way you want and select the team you want to compliment your style. It would also bring a far more pleasurable experience for the ones that play as an'any' -- it could be a far more rigorous duel when protecting against pro players with upgraded defenders.

In the older FIFA matches, your ace would have to complete challenges in order to rank up; this was eliminated in recent times. Removing this surely made the game mode more reachable but took away in the very best aspect of clubs. Although Ultimate Team doesn't have anything in this way, it will have weekly and daily struggles to reward you with items. It would be fantastic to employ challenges which could offer benefits for completing challenges.

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