Blizzard Explained The Ban On WOW Classic Players

Posted by Cadencealida on September 20th, 2019

Recently, Blizzard banned many WOW Classic players' accounts because they used a loophole in the game, Blizzard's game layering technology, reborn the endless boss in the dungeon and then killed the boss to achieve rapid upgrade and Get a lot of rewards, Blizzard believes that this behavior has a major impact on the in-game environment, so a large number of game accounts are banned.

The release of WOW Classic has been more than a month. This long-established game has been reborn in a new way, and Blizzard has made great achievements. Players may not need to queue to log in, but the resources in the game are still very popular. Killing the boss will cost the player a lot of waiting time. When some players accidentally discovered the loophole technology, more and more players are using this vulnerability and use it to get fast level upgrades and rewards. So Blizzard banned their accounts and all the rewards were withdrawn. Of course, there is a safer way to get Vanilla WOW Gold, and the GameMS store provides you with a safe and reliable service.

The reason given by Blizzard is the player's subjective intention. This loophole is accidental, so some players may have a chance to trigger this loophole. For these players, they don't need to worry about their account. These are allowed, really need Worrying is that players who abuse the vulnerability to gain undue advantage through the loopholes need to go through constant attempts to succeed. This is a very significant behavior and is very easy to distinguish. In fact, not only the loopholes can make you improve quickly, various services are waiting for you at GameMS, you can buy WOW Classic Boosting more safely.

At present, the punishment for Blizzard is still under discussion. Some people think that the subjective loopholes are not caused by the players themselves. They just use them. The degree of punishment is too serious, and the specific follow-up can continue to pay attention.

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