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Best Dispensary for Medical Marijuana in San Francisco

Posted by elevatedsf06 on September 20th, 2019

Nearly one million Californians rely on medical cannabis to achieve a better quality of life. Many illnesses and diseases can be treated and controlled with various cannabis products, and as such, Elevated San Francisco is dedicated to providing this population of users with quality medical marijuana in San Francisco.

A Team Approach to Medical Marijuana in San Francisco

When it comes to medical marijuana san francisco, it helps to know what strain(s) is best for your particular symptoms and what products are best suited for your lifestyle. Even if you don’t know, the expert staff at Elevated will work with you and your doctor to figure out the perfect medical cannabis solution for you.

Natural remedies are a time-honored tradition, and Elevated San Francisco is proud to carry on this tradition with a wide range of medical marijuana products to alleviate your symptoms. They listen to your doctor’s recommendations and take your preferences into account to provide you with an array of solutions that best meet your needs.

A Medical Marijuana Strain for Every Need

Very few plants are as shrouded in mystery or have as much function as the cannabis plant. Scientists and other marijuana enthusiasts have studied the plant and discovered as many questions as answers. However, two main strains of medical marijuana san Franciscoexist and are regularly used to treat a variety of ailments quite effectively. These strains, called Sativa and Indica, deliver very differing effects, making them both an integral part of a wide range of treatment strategies.

The Sativa Strain

Known for its uplifting, and stimulating effect, the Sativa strain is most used to treat conditions like stomach upset, headaches, and pressure in the eyes. It is also used recreationally, as it makes the user feel energized and happy. The Sativa strain contains a higher CBD content than the Indica strain, which has a higher THC content.

The Indica Strain

Providing the opposite effect of the Sativa strain, the Indica strain delivers a calming, relaxing high that is very beneficial for people who suffer sleep disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. It is often prescribed for epilepsy to reduce seizure activity as well.

In some instances, the best characteristics of both strains have been combined, allowing users to customize their experiences to achieve the symptom relief they desire.

A San Francisco Medical Marijuana Dispensary that Knows Its Stuff

When it comes to achieving symptom relief, Elevated San Francisco knows medical marijuana. If you hold a medical marijuana card, you can be sure their knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you discover all the benefits their wide range of cannabis products can provide.

Whether it’s a good night’s sleep you’re looking for, a relaxing way to destress after a hard day at work, or you need relief from chronic pain, visit Elevated San Francisco today. They can help you identify which options will work best and recommend high-quality medical marijuana products to meet your particular needs best.

For more information, contact Elevated San Francisco at (415) 825-5123.

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