How Would You Choose Dining Tables For Your Home?

Posted by Molly Crowe on September 20th, 2019

The dining table is an essential part of your home and you need to choose durable dining tables within your budget. A good dining table can last for at least ten years and if you choose a dining table with intricate design while initiating under the supervision of an expert may last until 25 years. So to save your maintenance cost, you must choose a simple or complex table for your dining area. Apart from that, you must choose a lightweight dining table because lightweight tables do not lead to any scratch on your floor. When you visit the furniture store, you can move their table and check the underneath area to find out the scratches. If you find scratches on their floor then you must avoid such tables and choose another one for your home that can protect your floor area though most of the floors are scratch-free.

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Tips to choose the best quality dining tables:

  • Before buying the dining tables, you must measure the floor area where you want to install your table. You cannot accommodate large sized dining table in your small room and you can customize your dining tables for your small apartment. To measure the length and width of the dining table before you buy. Apart from that, if you choose the dining table with more than 6ft height then you have to choose more than 6 chairs for your table or you can opt for larger chairs. In this regard, you can install a separate high-tea table in your dining area and choose a normal dining table with medium height for your main dining area.
  • Dining tables are available in different shapes such as round, oval, rectangular and horizontal. Round and oval dining table are mostly preferred by the house owners because you can find ample space to move around the table and you can avail maximum surface area to serve your foods. If you want to add more beauty to your dining area then you can choose oval dining tables because oval tables are great for parties. But you will get the limited surface area on your oval table.
  • The durable construction of dining tables is very important and you need to pay attention to its materials used for the tables. Hire a carpenter to design and place a dining table of your choice. The frame that holds the tabletop must be designed with durable materials. You can find some dining tables with metal legs and they are very durable. Wooden tables are expensive and you can replace your old wooden dining tables with a metal one. Apart from that, you can find small leg space at underneath area and you must choose a dining table that has extra leg space at the corner. So you can add an extra chair at the corner of the table if needed. Trestle tables can give more flexibility, but the limited space of these tables cannot accommodate more people. So make sure that you choose a dining table that has enough legroom for your knees.

How would you choose the right materials for your dining tables?

Dining tables are available of various materials like wood, veneer, stone, glass, and metals. So you need to choose the dining tables according to your budget. Dining tables made with solid wood can add a traditional look to your home. Dining tables can be designed with different types of wood like mango, teak, pine, and acacia. But wooden tables are expensive.

If you have a small budget then you can choose dining tables made with veneer because such tables are affordable and you can design these tables with wooden texture. A thin layer of solid wood is glued on the plywood and you can find such veneer tables with different shades.

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