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why go to knights of advertising when freelancers are dime a dozen?

Posted by The Grasshoppers on September 20th, 2019

it may seem like brands have to pay too much money for hiring an advertising agency. but it is important to understand why it is perfectly reasonable for knights of advertising to charge high prices.

we now live in an era where there is a new startup every day, everywhere and each one of them is looking for ways to stand out among their competitors.

let us tell you the story of a business owner ‘Amit’ who had launched his startup a few months ago and wanted to build a strong presence among its target audience. at first, he went to the knights of advertising for his brand-building. but he thought the rates were way too high.

unwilling to pay the agency price, he hired freelancers for each individual task related to his brand-building. but within a few weeks, he discovered that handling each freelancer was not easy. this was because,

  1. most of them would fail to meet the deadline.

  2. sometimes, they were not available when needed.

  3. many lacked the proper experience to manage their projects, as it all affected the quality of the work.

  4. moreover, amit also realized that there are a lot of indirect costs while resourcing in-house.

at last, he knew that his brand was at stake. so, he finally decided to hire a creative agency, full of in-house specialists for each task be it designing, social media marketing, pr, market research, etc.

in fact, with an agency on board, amit was now getting the expert plan and advertising strategies to bring in to work. earlier with freelancers, he had to look after everything related to his business which prevented him from making the best use of his time. but after letting the agency do the detailed work, he now spends his time making sure that everything is going in line with the company goals.

there are no deadline and unavailability issues. there is a strong communication between him and the agency representatives, which was earlier poor in case of freelancers.

working with the knights of advertising finally made him realize that agencies are the perfect fit for long-term projects. he also felt that advertising companies grow when their client’s company grows. for them, their success depends on their client’s success. and above all, he has finally come to understand that agency prices are perfectly reasonable as they account for quality and creativity which is necessary for brands to stand out in the crowd.

well, this is what amit has started thinking now. but we would love to know what do you think when it comes to paying agency prices? are you willing to pay the knights of advertising for the interest of creativity and quality? we believe you all are smart people and will make the right decision for sure.

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