Mobile Servicing Rig Market Projected to Witness a Double-Digit CAGR During 2018

Posted by Divakar on September 20th, 2019

Demand for mobile servicing rig continues to remain influenced by the radical shift in designs being developed, and fast replacement of traditional rigs with powerful and advanced mobile servicing rigs worldwide. As standard servicing rigs are not well-equipped to cater evolving requirements of end-users, the industry is witnessing a fundamental and significant shift in servicing rig developments, thereby impacting demand and sales of mobile servicing rig,

Although mobile servicing rig has a confined application prospect, light mobile servicing rigs have witnessed widespread acceptance. With growing cases of shale drilling, sour wells, directional wells and multilaterals, demand for high horse power and hi-tech mobile servicing rigs has been witnessing increased traction in the recent years.

Supply and demand trends of the mobile servicing rigs are likely to remain adverse. Despite stability in drilling demand, continuous substantial pressures of the magnitude of order book and delivery schedules on fleet utilization has been impacting the demand for mobile servicing rigs.

Key mobile servicing rig manufacturers are actively seeking effective measures for supply adjustment in response to current demand volatility. Leading mobile servicing rig manufacturers are focusing on newbuild delivery delays, accelerated replacement of obsolete and old equipment, for saving on operational costs.

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Rebound In the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Activities to Boost Mobile Servicing Rig Market

With the recovery in activities of oil and gas exploration, the market for mobile servicing rigs is estimated to grow steadily in the review period. Following this momentum, oilfield service companies have raised capital expenditure in offshore as well as onshore projects. Depending upon the types of oil or natural gas well, the well can last from 5 to 50 years or even more. A mobile servicing rig performs service at the same well for seven to eight time before the well is abandoned. However, engaged industry stakeholders tend to optimize resources as much as possible, thus creating the need for mobile servicing rig. On account of which, it is estimated that over the coming years, the global market is poised to witness an increase in growth for mobile service rigs.

Mobile servicing rigs are utilized in workover activities of oilfields which implies to invasive techniques such as wireline, coil tubing, or snubbing after the drilling is done. As these techniques are needed for the entire life of the well, function of mobile servicing rigs becomes indispensable in oilfields. New-builds and secondary transaction of mobile servicing rigs are regulated by OEMs in the global market. Among different types of mobile servicing rigs, mobile single, mobile double, mobile slant, and skid double among others are highly preferred by end-users. Further, implementation of technological advances has introduced mobile servicing rigs that are functional in extreme environments including onshore, offshore, mountain, desert, as well as colder climates.

Rising Momentum in Oil & Gas Exploration to Boost Market Growth

Past two-years of oil price decline witnessed plunge in exploration & production (E&P) activities as well as downsizing of personnel and assets by the oil & gas industry. At the end of 2016, OPEC’s deal, reduction in service cost, and increased operational efficiency have gradually recovered E&P activities in the United States. Further, consistent rise in the global oil demand, the supply and demand gap of petroleum fuels has widened. To fill this gap, oil & gas companies across the globe are actively involved in E&P activities. As these activities are on the gradual rise, the market for mobile servicing rigs is expected to grow in parallel.

Oilfield Service Companies to Report Increased Adoption

Strengthening demand for onshore services, increased commodity costs, as well as gradually rising oil prices, have assisted E&P companies to increase their capital expenditure in onshore as well as offshore projects. Increased demand for oil and natural gas has further encouraged the exploration activities. Based on this, oilfield service companies across the globe are likely to experience stronger demand by E&P companies. As oilfield service companies assist in petroleum exploration, production and well maintenance, these companies are the largest end-user of drilling rigs as well as mobile servicing rigs. Further, to address growing environmental concern of E&P activities, these companies are seeking to provide environmentally responsible solutions. As global E&P activities gradually rebound, growth of the oilfield service companies is likely to translate in the increased adoption of mobile servicing rigs.

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Rental Activities by OEM’s to Boost the Demand

As success of an E&P activity remains ambiguous until the discovery of an oil resource, most of the E&P companies are engaged in rental contracts as opposed to purchasing of the new rigs. Due to this, on the global scale the mobile servicing rig market is dominated by rental market and not by sales channel. The rental contract involves insurance premium with specific investment return laws. Nabors Industries Ltd, Precision Drilling Cooperation, Patterson-UTI Energy Inc., and others are leading rental companies in the mobile servicing rig market.

Renewable Energy Revolution – A Potential Market Challenge

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the year 2017 reported over 50% installation of new solar power projects worldwide, significantly surpassing new cumulative constrictions of coal, gas, and nuclear plants. This was supported by low-auction prices for solar and wind project deployment across the globe, in particular the UAE, India, Mexico, and Chile. According to IEA’s forecast, renewable electricity capacity is projected to expand by 12% in 2017 and to report 43% expansion by 2022. With the increased inclination towards renewable energy resources, dependency over conventional fuels is estimated to decline in future. Amidst this renewable energy revolution, decline in oil & gas exploration activity to influence the market for mobile servicing rig during the forecast.

Although recovering E&P activities will support the growth of mobile servicing rig market, oil price fluctuations, discontinued support from the World Bank, and to influence the market, and OPEC’s output cuts are expected to influence the market in the forecast period.

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