Always wondered why the Leo Zodiac Sign is so brave?

Posted by Andy on September 20th, 2019

Always wondered why the Leo Zodiac Sign is so brave? This has little to do with the zodiac dates of the Leo Horoscope which fall from July 24 and August 22. People that fall under the Leo symbol are passionate and extreme confident and this all has to do with the fact that the Leo Zodiac Sign is related to the element of Fire.

What has the element of Fire to do with the zodiac signs you might wonder? Both the planet and element influence the character of a person a lot and in this case for Leo people this is the element of fire. They are fun to be around with, this is mainly because Leo people are so energetic and passionate in everything what they do. But once one gets too much of this and becomes to hot, it is easy to say that it is not the most pleasant person to be in a room with.

When this happens people perceive Leo people as being too cocky, bossy and sometimes even arrogant. This is the other part of Leo people that only intimate friends and family know about. When this happens it is best just to cool down and take a step back to get things back to balance. 

But you should take a look at yourself when this happens as it is a good time to reflect. At times when your ego gets overdeveloped, it is time to take a step back and relax and reflect and cool down.

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