Materials Used in 3D Printing

Posted by dinsmoreinc on September 20th, 2019

In recent years, 3D or three-dimensional production has progressed from an experiment to a tried and tested method used by many industries across the globe. The process involves a machine that sets successive layers of the material until an object is created.

The best 3D printing service in California commonly uses thermoplastic as the primary material for the items. But as technology advances, several more have been utilized, widening the number of applications. Read on to learn about some of them.


Among the raw substances used today, plastic is one of the most common in 3D printing and many other industries. It's known for being a versatile material for making products ranging from toys to house fixtures. It's available in various bright colors, but it can also be transparent and have a shiny or matte finish. It's firm, flexible, smooth, and an affordable option for both manufacturers and consumers.


Some state-of-the-art 3D printers use powder. The products are created one layer at a time, where a fine blanket of the substance is spread inside the equipment. After that, a laser heats the areas that need to be sintered, which will then be fused while the rest remain loose. Once one portion is completed, a roller will place another layer over the surface.

The process is repeated until the design is finished. The result will be a block of fine particles with the printed model inside. Manufacturers then dig inside the box to retrieve the product and brush away the excess powder.


Aside from plastic, metal is also dominating the field of 3D printing. It's used in a process called DMLS or direct metal laser sintering. Jewelry makers, in particular, take advantage of this technique by using copper and steel. Through this, pieces like engraved bracelets and rings can be quickly produced. Manufacturers of air-travel equipment also employ DMLS to speed up and simplify the construction of aircraft parts. The procedure provides them with a cost-effective option, minus the long hours of labor.


One of the unusual commodities that 3D printers can produce is food. Yes, delicious bites that go on the plate can also be printed out. Mashed potato, pancake batter, chocolate, or other pureed ingredients are loaded in the equipment instead of metal and plastic filaments. The "ink" is squeezed onto a container or a heated surface, where it's cooked, assembled, and decorated into tasty bites.

Eateries use this innovation to customize the dishes on their menu. It helps them attract more customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Three-dimensional production has gone from being just a dream to a reality that's continuously advancing to the future. If you're interested in making something incredible with the materials above, contact a company with the best 3D printing service in California.

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