Set I dont even have MaplestoryM Mesos dropmeso

Posted by wangqing on September 21st, 2019

Set I dont even have MaplestoryM Mesos dropmeso gear Doesnt take some obscene grind at all and honestly the only thing actually slowing me is that the entry limit on EmpressMapleStory weve got anvils Weve Got cubesBanning people because theylook like hackers will be the precise opposite of what you want to doIm going to give you the title of a

participant which I found ingame Of course a bot right Wrong He is really a Paladin I watched a very long time ago But you probably assumed he was a bot because of his name and youd have been wrongBeing doubtful regarding the ranks and reporting people based on this event is fine Banning peoplebecause they look suspicious is

not so fineHow are positions not easily accessible too Theyre quite literally around the web site for everyone to open and look  And sure you can argue that its not a GMs job to go through and know each of the popular players on a server because thats not their job but should not it be their job to track strange patterns of players on

the servers theyre supposed to be managing Maplestory M Mesos for sale Why wouldnt the positions that are assessing be an acceptable tool to detect suspicious players and actively seeking them It reveals level amount of ranks gained in a day and the experience amount Seeing the spike in rank and assessing the experience gained is enough to also set off warning

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