About the next Madden 20: Our 2019 Week 3 NFL simulation

Posted by Yucca195 on September 21st, 2019

The NFL season has changed dramatically due to the long-term quarterback injury. We have not even entered the 2019 NFL season for a month, and have begun to see many of the climaxes and troughs of individual teams. The next important event is the 2019 Week 3 NFL simulation. In the simulation, professional players and ordinary players have the advantage of Madden NFL 20 Coins in addition to exclusive benefits. In general, regular players will not have enough MUT 20 Coins for professional players.

Several famous quarterbacks injured for weeks or even entire season (Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger), some were unresolved (Cam Newton), and also the rookie bench (Eli Manning). To make a long story short, becoming a senior signal-caller is not a good year.

To be sure, Fall is sure to start next week, so our Madden NFL 20 simulation game can help you choose the last minute or fantasy lineup. We did something different this week and gave you the results of Thursday earlier. It can say that we believe that we are the true American hero Garnder Minshew, who supported in fierce competition with the Titans.

But now this week's simulation results are 1-0, plus last week's record, the simulation results for the entire season are as high as 14-3. Can something on the virtual grill continue to mimic real life? Before we find the answer, let's take a closer look at how to do the calculations, just in case you stay at home.

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