Membrane or Mechanical Keyboards?

Posted by markwahl barg on September 21st, 2019

A keyboard is a simple set of keys that, when pressed, are implemented and record a signal to be sent to the computer, which then interprets it as a particular character. 

In particular, if the implementation lasts a fraction of a second, a single signal is sent, while if it is prolonged the signal is sent, again and again, resulting in the repeated addition of the same character until the key remains pressed.

Membrane keyboards:

The most common keyboards, as they are cheaper and easier to produce, are Membrane switch keypad. If you do not know the type of keyboard you are using it is very likely to be a membrane.

The operation of this type of keyboard involves a layer of "rubbery" plastic that takes the form of small domes in correspondence with the keys. 

By pressing a button, you then go to crush the dome, which ends up in contact with the underlying membranes, on which circuits are printed. 

Pressing the key, therefore, closes a specific circuit, activating the key and transmitting the signal to the computer.

Membrane or mechanical keyboards?

Facing the problem of choosing a gaming keyboard you will have noticed a fact. In the lower range of the catalogs, we usually find solutions defined as Custom membrane switches while the most expensive keyboards fall within the group of mechanical solutions.

What is the difference between the two macro groups? In a nutshell: in Stock membrane switches the touch on the keys is detected using two membranes of plastic material inside which flows a minimal electric current used to detect when the membranes approach. 

For whom a mechanical keyboard is recommended?

If you spend a few hours on a keyboard and, perhaps, those few that you spend using it by typing only with indexes, you can avoid spending money on a mechanical keyboard. It would not give you any concrete benefit that would justify the extra expense to the classic economic membrane keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are an expense to be considered mainly for two categories of users: those who spend the day typing on a keyboard (writers, programmers, office workers, etc.) and gamers.

On mechanical keyboards, instead, below each key, there is an electrical switch. In the second case, therefore, the detection will be extremely precise, but the hardware realization of the product is more expensive than a membrane keyboard.

If the price variable is not a problem, it is rather unwise for a gamer to buy a membrane keyboard, precisely because these solutions do not offer a high level of performance.

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