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Posted by hassaninfo214 on September 21st, 2019

Cellphone attracts a huge amount of dust and dirt due to its regular uses. Likewise, the iPhone needs to be maintained regularly to avoid unnecessary mechanical faults. Besides this, you might often encounter the device performance issues due to junk files and full of system cache. 

Therefore, it won't be resolved without involving experienced technicians of iPhone repair Dubai and you can easily resolve all the hardware issues and software conflicts by hiring the right professional team. 

Importance of iPhone Cleaning Process:

The iPhone cleaning process is useful to fix the Apple hardware problem effectively. Moreover, with deep cleaning, you can easily fix the internal iPhone issues temporarily. Besides this, the iPhone software cleaning process helps to enhance device longevity. Here, we are going to explain those facilities that you can easily avail from both types of cleaning. 

  • You can increase the call volume by cleaning the iPhone’s speakers.

  • A proper cleaning process resolves the iPhone performance issues.

  • Charging and connectivity problems are removed with this cleaning program.

  • It fixes the Sticky Home button problem.

General Methods to Clean the iPhone:

Here, we are going to discuss effective ways to fix iPhone issues with ease. Take a look below and perform the iPhone cleaning process hassle-freely.

Delete the Photos and Videos

To remove the unused photos and videos, you can follow the steps below.

  • Tap on the Photos app from the iPhone gallery.

  • Tap All Photos from Albums and drag across the Delete option.

In the case of various iPhone models, the process can be quite different and therefore, you need to hire professionals to clean the iPhone storage device.

Remove Temporary/Junk Files

Junk files clean up process can be performed with the below steps. So, try and improve the cleaning process by yourself.

  1. Tap on the Settings and get the General option from the Settings window.

  2. Now, click on the iPhone Storage and you can see a list of apps arranged at the bottom of the page.

  3. Next, tap on the Delete app and confirm the app delete process by choosing the YES button from the resultant box.

  4. Then, the app delete process will start after getting approval and the processing time is dependent on the number of files/apps.

  5. Finally, restart the system and check whether the iPhone is running slow or the performance is enhanced. 

However, it is very risky if you are not a tech-savvy person and important files can be removed if you can’t handle the cache remove process carefully. 

Clear the iPhone and Resolve Hardware Issues

To clean the hardware components of the iPhone, you can remove the specks of dirt, dust and any other clogs respectively. 

  1. To get a smooth surface, you need to lay down a clean towel.

  2. Now, clear the iPhones’ lighting port, speaker grills, and headphone jack by using the compressed air.

  3. Then, clean out all dirt and lint from the speaker grills and from the other parts with a toothpick carefully.

  4. After that, lightly spray a non-corrosive solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe down your iPhone set.

  5. Next, dip a cotton ball into an alcoholic solution and gently clean the edges of the iPhones and around the buttons.

  6. Finally, wipe down the phone with a dry microfiber cloth and let it dry.

Why you Must Rely on Professionals for iPhone Cleaning Process?

After regular use, getting fingerprints and other smudges are common problems for all the iPhone users. However, you need to choose the right product to clean the hardware parts of the phone and then you should know the process to clean junk files to enhance the device performance. 

Applying all the above methods is not an easy job for the new iPhone users or a non-tech-savvy person. Therefore, the best way is to hire professionals and get a hassle-free solution ahead. Hence, take a look at below and know the importance of paid services.

Choose Right Cleaning Products

To clean an iPhone, you should know the proper technique and must have enough patience. Picking random products to perform the iPhone cleaning process is the wrong method that can interrupt the working process of the devices. 

Handle the Device with High-end Care

In most cases, the users start to clean the iPhones without taking care of the screen. Therefore, you can face broken screen error and other mechanical faults that might hamper the entire system quite often. Depending on the professional for iPhone will give you the positive results within a short period of time. 

Wrapping it Up...

In this article, we have defined the methods to clean the iPhone without any hassle. Moreover, we have explained the importance of the professionals to clean the iPhone device in an efficient way. So, we hope this content will be helpful to avoid unnecessary hassle and enhance the performance of the system effectively. However, you can consult with us at iPhone Clean for further assistance.


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