Latest Trends You Should Know in Starting a Food Delivery Business

Posted by DebbieOBrien on September 21st, 2019

Just like every other industry, the food delivery industry is undergoing drastic transformations. Dominant players like Just Eat, Grubhub, UberEats, and Deliveroo have attracted the millennials’ attention. Anyone who wishes to start a food delivery business has to include the latest trends and technological advancements to stand out from other competitors in the market. 

Is food delivery a lucrative industry to invest in? Let’s read a few statistics on online food delivery,

  • The revenue in food delivery services is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 9.9 % from 2019 until 2023. 

  • Its market volume is estimated to be 6 billion by 2023. 

  • Presently, online food delivery is earning revenue of more than 0 billion.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wishes to start a food delivery business, now’s the right time to set your sails. Let’s explore the latest trends in the on-demand food delivery market,

Trend #1 - Attract the Millennials

The primary audience of food delivery services is Millennials as they spend the highest share of money on food when compared to the other generations. Adhering to the fast-paced world’s fast delivery services, Generation Y chooses such sort of doorstep and comfortable services. Including innovative features that capture the Millennials’ attention is the need of the hour. 

Trend #2 - Multiple Ordering Channels

In a survey, it has been found out that an approximate of sixty-three percent of Americans have abandoned a food delivery service when they encounter a poor customer experience and fifty-five percent of US adults wish for a swifter and an easier online ordering system. Include multiple food delivery channels like social media, virtual assistants, mobile applications and so on.  

Some of the popular delivery portals include, 

  • Order by tweet (Domino’s popularized this trend)

  • Ordering through a virtual assistant (Grubhub and JustEats)

  • Ordering through smartwatch (Order Up)

  • Ordering through smart car (Pizza Hut’s in-car pizza ordering system)

Trend #3 - Modern delivery options

Food delivery companies are coming up with newer delivery options like drones, robots, and even parachutes. The evolution of AI is giving rise to robot and drone delivery systems. When you’re planning to expand your food delivery business to newer regions, you can try including such drone and robot delivery options in your business. 

Trend #4 -  Blockchain in delivering food

Blockchain is used in every industry. Its decentralized nature eliminates fraudulent activities and it increases the overall food ordering experience. Customers can pay with cryptocurrencies and they can do a seamless and secure transaction. You can include it in your mobile application. 

Stay ahead of the field

The primary step in starting a food delivery business is to launch an application. You can get food delivery clone applications instead of developing an application from scratch. 

UberEats Like App, a leading company in app development offers all sorts of advanced features for a food delivery clone app. If you’re planning to launch an application for your business, you can easily get your app at an affordable price. Some of the advanced features you can include in your UberEats clone app are, 

  • Control page

  • Notification

  • Order

  • Instant search

  • Favorites

  • Product page

Include all the advanced trends in your food delivery business to make it a great hit in the market.

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