All you need to know about ferroalloys

Posted by Andy on September 21st, 2019

What is ferroalloy?

Two or more metals are mixed to make this iron alloy. There is a particular ratio and the metals are mixed on that proportion. Iron, manganese, and silicon are combined and create silicon manganese but, the alloy does not bear the features of iron, silicon or manganese but, it has completely different features. It is the significance of ferroalloy that it carries more improved attributes than the attributes of its mixing elements.

Where is it used?

Ferroalloys have diverse uses. It is used in different manufacturing and engineering purposes.  But most of all, this iron alloy is required for steelmaking. Every year a bulk quantity of ferroalloys is utilized in steel industries. Steel is a revolutionary metal and it has made life easier and lighter than before. And the mentioned element is one of the key elements in steel. it is also used for making high quality cast iron.  

Why it is used in making steel?

The reason why steel is such a versatile and useful metal is ferroalloy. It gives steel strength and durability. It is a fact that steel is a light-weight alloy and it is a great advantage to use things made by it. This iron alloy carries distinct characteristics that make steel strong, rust-free, and durable.

What are the types of ferroalloys?

As it is an iron alloy it is strong as well as it is flexible to mix with other elements if required. There are different types of ferroalloys available in the market. These are ferroaluminum, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, silicomanganese, ferrocerium, ferrochromium, ferronickel, ferrouranium, ferrophosphorus, ferromagnesium, ferromolybdenum, and more.  

How are they produced?

Usually, they are produced in two methods, in blast furnaces, and electric furnaces. The alloys are manufactured by carbothermic reactions. The objective is to reduce oxidation with carbon and with the availability of iron. Before 20th-century, blast furnaces were used mostly for producing this. Now, most of the companies’ use of electric arc furnaces. Ferromanganese is such an alloy that is efficiently produced in blast furnace still. So, power or electricity is a great issue associated with alloy production.

Ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, and silicomanganese

Silicon ferroalloy is associated mostly with steelmaking and cast iron purposes. This alloy is used as a deoxidizer. The quality and usefulness vary based on silicon content. China supplies major portions of ferrosilicon. Other major producers are the US, Norway, Russia, and India. A ferro silicon manufacturer Kolkata can be your choice when you are looking for a Kolkata-based company. With the help of the internet, you will reach the best company where you get high-quality ferroalloys at affordable rates.

 Ferromanganese and silicomanganese are considered the key elements for steelmaking. They make steel sturdy and versatile. China is the leading producer of these two alloys. Other manufacturing countries are South Africa, Brazil, Ukraine, and India.

The best silico manganese manufacturer Kolkata produces high-quality silicon and manganese alloys, useful for making steel and cast iron. Always choose an experienced manufacturer that you don’t need to compromise the quality of the products. A leading company offers the best rates and other facilities also.  

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