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The Catagories of Pu-erh

Posted by naturalpuerh on September 21st, 2019

Natural Puerh Bulang highmountain tea garden co.,ltd. located in the southwestern of Yunnan province: Zhengwan village, Nanping town, pu’er city, which is commended as “Tea- city of China”,” The origin of the tea world” and ”The capital of pu’er”. This is such a place where the Dai people populated in with quite rich tea culture. The average elevation of it is about 1300 meters and Asian Corridor in Heaven had crosses the whole land of it.
We have self-owned organic tea garden of 166 hectares which were reclaimed from secondary forest in1998, there were no any planting history but clear and fertile land.

In ancient times, Pu-erh tea was divided into two categories: one was loose tea and the other was pressed tea. However, due to the long history of Pu-erh tea and the variety of Pu-erh tea, even the method of drinking and brewing has its own differences. Therefore, with the changes of the times, Pu-erh tea is slowly developing, and the classification of Pu-erh tea has become more and more. The more complicated, the more detailed.

Classified by production process: Raw Pu-erh tea and cooked Pu-erh tea

Raw Pu-erh tea refers to the process of making green tea into a dry tea through a series of processes, and then further processing into loose tea or various pressed tea, and storing it in a natural way to naturally ferment.

Pu-erh cooked tea refers to the rapid fermentation of Pu-erh tea by artificially assisted fermentation after the green tea is made into dry tea. It can reach the fermentation degree of natural storage of raw tea for a few years in a short time to form a variety of pressed teas. The cooked tea is reddish brown after fermentation, while the raw tea is dark green.

Classified by tea tree type and tree shape: arbor tea and shrub tea.

Arbor tea refers to Pu-erh tea made by picking fresh leaves on arbor-type tea trees. The yield of this tea is relatively small, so the price will be higher than that of Taiwanese tea, but this kind of tea is ecologically healthy, and tea is Mellow, belongs to the finest Pu-erh tea. In addition, there are a small number of tea trees that grow naturally, known as "wild tea", also known as "original tea."Taiwanese tea refers to artificially cultivated tea. The trunk of this tea tree is not as thick as arbor tea, the tree is relatively short, and the branches are close to the ground, so tea picking is relatively easy. For Pu-erh tea, the quality and taste of arbor tea is better than that of Shrub tea, but there are no exceptions. For example, in the production process, the storage method will also be different in quality and taste.

Classified by storage environment: Pu-erh dry warehouse tea and Pu-erh wet warehouse tea.

Pu-erh dry tea refers to the storage of processed Pu-erh tea in a clean, ventilated, temperature-friendly, odor-free warehouse with a humidity of 8% or lower, so that Pu-erh tea slowly gradually ferments. This is dry tea. This type of Pu-erh tea is more suitable for long-term storage. The longer storage it is, the more fragrant it is. If the storage environment is up to standard, it is a rare treasure to store properly.Wet warehouse Pu-erh tea refers to the storage of Pu-erh tea in the basement, mantle and other humid, non-ventilated environment, which also accelerates the fermentation speed of Pu-erh tea. Therefore, in the case of dry warehouses, the wet storage time is short, and you can feel the flavor of aged tea after storage for 1-2 years.

Classified by shape: loose tea and pressed tea.

Loose tea refers to the tea that Pu-erh tea does not undergo after being processed through raw and cooked tea, including raw Pu-erh loose tea and cooked Pu-erh loose tea.

After pressing the raw tea and making the raw cake tea, the tea is cooked, steamed and pressed into other forms of pressed tea such as cake tea, brick tea, and tuo cha.

For more info visit http://www.naturalpuerh.com

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