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Posted by Heiwhite on September 22nd, 2019

As a rule, no one doubts the need to create prototypes of physical objects. Sketches, layouts, 3D models are used to test the hypotheses of designers and reduce risks before starting mass production. Architects make layouts of the quarter to see how the building fits into the urban planning ensemble. Auto manufacturers make clay models and use foil to check how light reflects off surfaces.

Services and digital products are less tangible, so often business neglects their full-fledged design and hypothesis testing before developing and implementing a solution. Moreover, the cost of starting a service is often comparable to starting a production. You need to choose the Rapid Prototyping Service there.

Each product is built on certain hypotheses: “Users have such a problem”, “Market size is sufficient to increase the audience of the service”, “Such a solution will be more convenient for users”, etc. The more hypotheses are confirmed, the higher the project’s chances of success. The more subjective assumptions are laid, the higher are the risks of product failure. Prototyping allows you to solve the main tasks before launch: testing hypotheses, gaining knowledge and reducing risks. The use of the Rapid Prototyping Process Manufacturing company is essential in this matter. Experts outline the main principles of prototyping.

Formulate clear hypotheses about the product and its users that you want to test

It’s hard to show the value of prototyping if you don’t know what you want to test. “To make a prototype of the interface to show the approximate location of the blocks” is a dubious investment in terms of future results. “Subway passengers will be able to easily buy tickets through self-service kiosks” is an excellent hypothesis to check. After all, if it is not confirmed, the prototype will save a lot of time and resources that could go into the development of a ready-made solution and its implementation. And we will offer passengers a convenient way for them to purchase tickets. You can visit for the best idea of the same.

Sketch ≠ prototype

Several static layouts with different interface states are not a prototype yet. If with their help you cannot check how the user uses the service to solve the problem, this is just a set of sketches. Make the prototype interactive. With China Plastic Injection Molding you can have the best deal now.

The more iterations, the better

The cost of making changes to a product grows non-linearly with time. Therefore, at an early stage of the project, you need to check as many options as possible and discard non-working solutions, while it's cheap. Designers tend to fall in love with their ideas. It is important to spend a minimum of time on iteration and be prepared to admit to yourself that the solution is not working.

The cheapest way to test a hypothesis is through a storyboard

User interaction with the service should be a history that is interesting to follow. A storyboard is a sequence of frames, each of which displays the user's step on the path to solving his problem. If you are unable to tell a story on paper about a user's problem and its solution, there is no point in moving on.

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