Overview of Assessor Training Programs and TFL Course for Drivers of Private-Hir

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The QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) assessors are the professionals who are supposed to assess the vocational qualifications of the professionals belonging to various industries. The qualified assessors also evaluate the capability of the candidates at their place of work and help the trainees meet the standards. These professionals are equally capable of interviewing the candidates and examining their portfolios. They can also offer valuable advice and feedback. Hence, the qualified assessors can perform different types of tasks. However, it is essential to complete a certified training program if you want to become one of the qualified assessors.

  1. TAQA Vocational Level Training Program

The award in Assessing Vocational Related Achievement course is suitable if you want to work in the field of assessment and internal quality assurance. The LLUK (Lifelong Learning UK) developed this program in order to replace the A&V (Assessor and Verifier) units. After completing this course, you can work as an assessor in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

  1. TAQA-Assessor Understanding Training Program

You may opt for this training program if you want to learn the basics of assessment. It enables you to have a better understanding of the principles as well as the practices of assessment. This assessor course UK is suitable for those who want to have a clear understanding of the assessment process, however, are not currently practicing in this field.

  1. CAVA (Assessor-Certificate) Training Program

The CAVA course is suitable if you want to assess the knowledge, understanding and the vocational skills of the individuals who work in a classroom, workshop or other types of training environment. The knowledge and skills developed through this course enables a participant to perform the following tasks.

A) It enables you to plan an assessment or to select the most appropriate method of assessment for a particular situation.

B) You also develop the skills to carry out an assessment and to give feedback to the learners.

C) You also learn to keep accurate assessment records after completing this training program.

In UK, the assessors are not the only professionals who need to undergo the specialized training programs. It is essential for the taxi drivers to undergo a government approved training program. To start a career in this field, it is essential for an individual to pass the TFL taxi and private hire course Londonwhich provides the basic knowledge to the drivers, as the Transport for London (TFL) gives license to the private-hire vehicles or taxis in this city.

This course is not only suitable for the drivers who want to have a detailed knowledge of the rules and regulations associated with driving or who want to learn the details of all the roads in London. It is equally suitable for the drivers who want to renew the license. This course also satisfies the topographical requirements of TFL and meets the standards set by the licensing offices for Taxi/Private-hire vehicles as well as the local councils. The individuals with PHV licence (issued by the local council) are allowed to participate in this program. It covers nine different units and learning in details about these units is crucial in order to become a qualified taxi driver.

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