Importance Of Regalia In Freemason Society

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Masonic regalia are the collective items like accessories that are worn by the members of Freemason during special occasions like ceremonial meetings or other conventions. Regalia may include logos, symbols, emblems decorations, and insignias that designate an organization and its members in a distinctive way. For instance, members of a fraternity wear the same types of rings to show support and loyalty to the organization. In the same way, Masonic Regalia is the sign of an individual who is a member of the Freemason Society.
There are different types of regalia and each item represents a special status, lodge, position or event of a member in the prestigious organization. Some of these accessories come in the form of jewelry while others are used in garments and apparels. If you are a member of Freemason Society, buy collectable Masonic Regalia online from authorized dealers. They sell all kinds of Masonic products such as auto emblems, aprons, apparel, hats & visors, bags & totes, rings, books, flags, gifts, jewelry, lapel pins, knives & swords, and lodge supplies.

More about of Masonic Regalia

There are two main regalia categories worn by members in Freemason Society - lodge-owned regalia,  items which are primarily used in the lodge and personally-owned regalia, items used by each member according to their level of membership. These regalia serve as a symbol to identify and affiliate a person with the Brotherhood.

Lodge-Owned Regalia include:

  • The Bible or the Holy Book of Scriptures
  • Masonic Hoodwink, a special kind of blindfold used during initiation rituals
  • The Master’s Gavel, a mallet as an emblem of the authority of the Master of the Lodge
  • Tiler’s Sword
  • Clothes for candidates
  • The three Lesser Lights
  • Velvet collars and chains
  • Warden’s Columns

Personally-Owned Regalia include:

  • Masonic Breast Jewels
  • Masonic hats and caps
  • Masonic Gloves
  • Masonic jewelry
  • Past Master apron
  • Masonic Shirts
  • Masonic breast jewel

Each Masonic Regalia plays an important part in keeping up with the Brotherhood. Whether it is for a ritual function or a symbol to represent a person being a member, these items are made use of on several occasions.

Where to buy Masonic Regalia

When you become a member of Freemasonry, you will need to buy a collectable Masonic Regalia to show your identity. There are plenty of authorized dealers who sell these items in an online shop. Some of them also distribute the products through brick-and-mortar stores at reasonable prices. They have partners across the country to bring together organizations, lodges, and groups with their merchandise. Specially designed products for specific organizations, including Cryptic Council, Knights Templar, Military & Services, Order of the Eastern Star, Past Master, Prince Hall, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shriners International, Co-Masonry, Masonic Philosophical Society, and Clearance.

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