Materials respecting foamed PVC laminated board

Posted by Rajesh Patel on September 23rd, 2019

PVC foam Board environment laminated materials

PVC foam board with its unique performance and beautiful appearance gradually in people's lives, because it is non-toxic and tasteless, high degree of ecological materials, furniture production and interior decoration has played a promotional role, since It has a good corrosion, moisture, mildew, non-absorbent features, making the house clean and fresh, many families use the foam board for the partition of the dressing table, while the foam board also has a drill, As the extraordinary performance, foam board is gradually used in the bathroom cabinet, industrial size, foam board for carving, hollow also quite beautiful!

We believe that with the maturity of the most important markets, pvc industry is rapidly developing in the world, pvc is its superior performance and a beautiful aspect to large industries to prove their role and status are other products not to replace it, we need development social needs it, needs environmental protection, pvc, foam board will be in our lives occupy an important position. PVC foam board has been widely used in UV lithography, so you know the use of foam plate in the lithography of the advantages of UV printing? Xiaobian today so that everyone can share in the use of foam board lithography uv advantages:

1. Saturation color is high, the color effect is good. Compared to traditional lithography, UV lithography can achieve a relatively high color effect, for more stringent printing color requirements, you can get more satisfactory results.

2. High brightness and high brightness. And extinction with the background, it can be seen in the visual contrast, to strengthen the image of the product high quality, very useful.

3. The wear resistance of printing is better.

4. Suitable for the physical and chemical properties of different types of printed material, including paper, plastic race, cardboard, road network, PVC, PE ...... and other category of paper and film. This feature is more than traditional lithographic printing can print more product categories; there is a wider future market.

5. In printing at once it can be immediately dry; it can significantly improve production efficiency. Since it is not necessary to wait for the ink to dry, the production time can be drastically reduced, and the printing press can save a lot of space to store the printed material.

6. Since the printing is dry immediately, it is not necessary to use dust, to improve the quality of the problems caused by dust, it can be avoided.

7. Print light resistance is better.

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