Be a Bed Bug Exterminator of Your Own House

Posted by Mary Spark on September 23rd, 2019

If you don’t have a comfortable and safe place to rest at night, your days will be much more affected than you think. One-third of our lives, we spend on our beds and mattresses. But who wants to spend a third of his life with bed bugs? Obviously no one! Unfortunately, they are usually found in close proximity of beds because they need the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive. Bed bugs take 35 days to mature and live about seven to twelve months which makes their removal difficult without the help of bed bugs exterminator. But it is possible to keep your eyes open for bed bugs and control them on time.

Here Is A DIY To Help You To Control Bed Bug:

Prepare Affected Area:

  • Dismantle bed frames because it exposes bed bug hiding sites and having access to hidden areas is important during cleaning.
  • Infested clothes can’t be treated with insecticide so it is better to wash them.  
  • It is best to bag all the stuff like toys, blankets or anything which doesn’t stay in the room permanently and remove from room. Because bed bugs from an infested area can transfer to other areas.
  • Remove drawers, turn furniture over and pull away from the walls to inspect and clean all hiding spots.
  • Vacuum the room completely and scrub infested surfaces.
  • Caulk and seal all holes and cracks to further reduce harboring areas.

Treat The Area And Surrounding:

  • Spray insecticide around and under the bed, along the baseboard near the bed, inside of cabinetry after removing the drawers, loose plaster, around the inside of closets, door frames, windows and doors, underneath all furniture, etc.
  • Clothes should not be sprayed, but removed and sealed in a plastic bag to send for laundering and drying at high temperature.
  • Heat treatment, cold treatment, and steam cleaner are three non-chemical methods which might kill bed bugs but won’t get rid of infestation entirely.
  • You can hire a professional if the problem is out of your control but bed bug exterminator price can be more when there is a large infested area.

Preventing and Trapping:

  • Inspecting for bed bugs at least once a week, you can use interceptors, traps or other monitoring methods in case any eggs remain.
  • Don’t put luggage on the bed or floor, instead keep it on the luggage rack.
  • Inspect used furniture before bringing it to your house.
  • Never bring discarded items into your home.
  • Note the exact locations where bed bugs are found to track progress and better know where to target your work.
  • Professional bed bugs exterminator may help you to give prevention tips.

Bed bugs suck blood from their host but don’t carry any disease and their bite is painless too. They don’t live under the skin, during the day, the biting sensation can be an allergy-related condition so it is important to recognize that not all bite-like reactions are due to bed bugs. No one can give you guarantee that bed bugs won’t sneak into your hone someday, but bed bug exterminator can help you every time to get them out.

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