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Posted by Jessica Wang on September 23rd, 2019

You are now at a point in life when you have the capability to build your house in Melbourne. You can save yourself all the trouble of building a house and simply buy an existing house. However, there is something to the idea of conceiving a house that aligns with your dreams and watching it take shape. Considering that this will be a one-time investment you will want the best but then you will be influenced by so many different considerations in the style and design of your house that it could become quite confusing. Here are a few considerations to take into account when you think of house architecture.

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Be objective

Most people’s vision of their house is, in actuality, an inner design to own a house like the one they have seen somewhere. This means you are depriving yourself of the chance for innovation and creative house design. Consider your house architecture with a detached objective perspective instead of basing choices on likes and dislikes. There is more to house beyond appearances. The best starting point is to engage an architect for house architecture Melbourne based.  Why? He knows about the design and also about other factors such as materials, cost and everything else. You get the best value for money when you have an architect to plan your house. Maintaining objectivity means you can view all related factors with equanimity.


Ideally speaking the design of the house and materials used in construction are influenced by the local climate. Melbourne is known for unpredictable weather and it can become quite cold in winter. This consideration needs to go into the design of the house. Your architect is fully aware of not only the weather but also the soil conditions, wind speed, precipitation, and maximum as well as minimum temperatures. All these influence the exterior design of the house as regards the placement and size of windows and interiors.

Energy efficiency

Talk of climate leads to the topic of energy efficiency. A beautiful house design, on its own, maybe highly energy inefficient. Over the years you will spend more on heating and cooling bills if you go only by aesthetics. Engage an expert Melbourne architect for house architecture and he will design a house to be energy efficient as well as aesthetic.

Landscaped harmony

A house does not exist in isolation. It is part of the landscape and it is also part of the neighborhood. You do not want your house to stick out like a stranger. Think of the house design and also landscaping of grounds. The two go together like yin and yang. Never think of the exterior landscape as an afterthought you will attend to after the house is built. Think of it beforehand and discuss it with your expert architecture firms in Melbourne.

Comfort, spaces, light, air

Looks are one side of the coin. The other important side is to consider comfort of living spaces, use of spaces (multi-functional space usage is the norm these days) adequate light and free movement of air. A house is not a box or a few cartons inside a crate. Raise this topic with your architect and he will be happy to oblige by suggesting ways to increase light, create an open look and realize better comfort while still retaining elements of privacy.

3D simulation

It is difficult to visualize what your final house will look like. The architect you choose should be able to give you 3D simulation with full animation so you know what your house will look like. 

There are these and other factors to consider when you think of building your house. Your architect plays a crucial role so pick one with care and then be guided by his advice.

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