Why Preschool Franchise Can be the Perfect Business Model for You?

Posted by swatimehra on September 23rd, 2019

The school franchise opportunities in india are vast. The country not only has the largest population of 0-6 children, but also of adults who are below 35. This means that it has the largest population of young parents as well. Thus, the education sector has vast opportunities for franchisees looking to tap this market. At the same time, more parents are becoming conscious about the need to provide higher quality education to their children from an early age.

Busier Parents Need More Preschools

Modern parents have become quite busy with their profession and business. This has created a surge in the demand for preschools and daycares. The income levels have also increased significantly over the past decade, giving more parents the opportunity to spend more on higher quality early education of their children. While the demand for preschools has increased, it is branded franchise chains that are in greater demand for the quality they bring to the table. And more parents realize their importance.

Types of Preschools

The preschool sector in the country operates in 3 different sectors:

  • Unorganized: This includes independent preschool facilities which are mostly run from homes. 
  • Franchisee Model: As the name suggests, such schools are part of a branded chain. This sector is growing at a fast rate because of the increased demand for quality education. In fact, now preschool franchise in jammu is also available.
  • Part of Large School: Many large schools offer preschools as part of their regular K-12 school program.

According to market survey, the school franchise opportunities in india are vast and mostly untapped by the organized sector. There is a need for hundreds of thousands of new play schools franchisees in the country to cater to the demand for quality education of the young. There is huge potential for growth for at least 5 decades into the future.

Benefits of Being a Preschool Franchisee

While the opportunities are vast in this sub-sector, there are also many other intrinsicbenefits of investing in such a business model:

  • You Work for Yourself: Even as a franchisee, you will be working for yourself by running your own preschool. Generally, playschools remain open for not more than 6 hours a day. It is up to you whether you want to extend the hours depending on the demands in your area. Thus, you will have lots of time at hand for other entrepreneurial avenues or for spending time with family.
  • Evergreen Business Model: The education sector remains shielded by any ups and downs in the general economy of the country. People will need to send their children to reputed preschools even in an economic downturn.
  • Use Your Own Space: Another advantage of opening a preschool franchise in jammu or elsewhere is that you can run the business from your home as long as there is enough space.

A preschool is a smaller educational facility compared to a school. It requires lesser space and smaller investment. Thus, it is easier to enter this sector and save your money, time, and energy while increasing your profits.

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