Translation of marriage certificates: when do I need to translate them?

Posted by John Smith on September 23rd, 2019

The sworn translation of marriage certificates is an essential service for many people. Thanks to globalization, and as a result, it is quite common for married couples of mixed nationality to be celebrated.

In these cases, although not only in them, it is usually necessary to make a sworn translation of the marriage certificate. But what is a marriage certificate? What documentation do I need to translate to obtain the marriage certificate? When is French to English document translator needed? We answer all these questions.

In, we take care of the sworn translation of marriage certificates. Why do we do it? In today's society, the need to translate a marriage certificate is increasingly common. 

Thanks to globalization, the migratory flows of people are very common and this fact means that couples are also formed creating mixed marriages. When the couple marries in another English country that is not France, it is more than likely that they need the translation of the marriage certificate in English, although there may be more cases to have this need. We tell you:

Translation of certificates of Marriage:

Do you need to present your marriage or birth or any other official documents outside France? We have sworn translators and certificate your documents to present them in the country you need.

What is a marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate is a document issued by the person in charge of the Civil Registry, which contains information regarding the celebration of the marriage, the identity of the parties, the date, the time and the place where it was celebrated.

It is a civil document that needs to be translated by a sworn translator.

Why do I have to translate a marriage certificate?

The translate French to English document or certificate is very common when the marriage is mixed and the spouses have different nationalities, although it is not exclusive to this situation. 

Quite simply, a translation is needed when you have married in a foreign country, something that is very common in many places.
In summary: It is necessary to translate a marriage certificate when the document is written in a foreign language or vice versa, that is if the marriage certificate is in French and you need the document in a foreign language.

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