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Posted by mildas moser on September 23rd, 2019

"Twitch viewer bot", a term that ordinarily tends to make people shudder. The truth is, Twitch is riddled with viewer bots and everybody is wanting to obtain an edge. By using a viewer bot, you are now just levelling the playing field that is certainly Twitch, due to the fact all your favourite streamers and those people earning thousands of dollars per stream, I can pretty much guarantee that they were using a viewer bot sooner or later in time. Get far more information about Twitch viewer bot

There have been viewer bots ahead of Viewbotr and there might be viewer bots just after, but let me inform you a bit secret about these companies, because they all have 1 issue in prevalent, they may be all constructed off of your same "base" script and proxies. They might have rewritten their program in an additional language, created it faster, produced it additional efficient, but at the end of the day it nevertheless uses exactly the same method to connect to Twitch and provide that viewer.

Essentially the most laughable ones would be the viewer bots online that use terms like "private vpn network" or "private servers" when detailing how they deliver viewers. It is all total rubbish, what they definitely mean is "we paid a little bit far more for committed proxies", however it doesn't matter! It doesn't matter because they Nonetheless connect the exact exact same way. They don't "connect" to a stream like a standard user would, due to the fact it is high priced to do and it uses many resources, which means it truly is not cost powerful and it will not turn the "INSANE" profit like many of the legacy sites did (ahead of they were sued certainly).

That's exactly where Viewbotr steps in - not only are we streamers ourselves, but we're veteran developers...oh, and, we own one of your biggest cloud network services around the web that doesn't buy their sources from suppliers, oh no, we deliver ourselves. Do you know what that suggests? It means that we can use as substantially server power as we should do whatever we need to do.

Plenty of people will let you know that using a viewer bot is bad, it’s morally incorrect, you’re gaining an unfair advantage or you’re gaming the system - we totally disagree. Do you realize how simple it really is to receive a viewer bot for next to nothing at all in price? So quick. That is why 90% of streamers are definitely, 100% using a bot in some form or another. Possibly they need to have a lot more followers, so they invest in a follower bot. Possibly they need to have more chatters in their chat, so they acquire a chatter bot. It is definitely that uncomplicated, and for new streamers, it’s a way of pushing the odds within your favour and giving you that edge against the large amount of new streamers that crop up day-to-day.

“BuT yOu CaNt GeT pArTnEr” you’ll hear them cry…also false. Maybe if you’re using one of these “big viewbot sites” that happen to be preferred on Google, because as explained earlier, they use shady approaches at ideal. Then there’s the diehard believers that using a viewer bot will get you banned, I imply honestly, come on. You cannot ban somebody because you Believe they’re using a viewer bot, if that’s the case, I’d use a viewer bot around the greatest streamers out of spite and get them banned. Wasn’t their fault, was it? So why should really they be punished. The only way to get your self a ban for using a viewer bot is by providing Twitch proof that you’re doing it your self, which means displaying a viewer bot by yourself stream and that’s just silly. Recall when RiceGum did it? That is how you get your self a permaban.

But what regarding the fluctuation? Look, it takes place. Bots fluctuate, real people fluctuate. If you have 10 people watching your stream and they’re all pulling their Internet from an ADSL Router having a 0.5Mbps download, they are only going to become basically watching your stream on and off, which means the views would fluctuate. Confident it could look “fishy” or “bad”, but who cares? It gains you the edge, does it not? No one can in fact confirm it is you doing it, and Twitch is constantly battling viewer bots so it’s going to fluctuate. There’s one site that offers by far the most “stable” bot on the market, and they use dedicated proxies, and due to that explanation, you are only going to get about 50% of the viewers you essentially requested and they’ll all drop off within an hour or so because of the strategies they use and Twitch ban their tiny pool of dedicated proxies, then they've to add new proxies and post an announcement with some excuse that’s a comprehensive lie.

To sum up; using a Twitch viewer bot is certainly, categorically, the only way any tiny streamers are going to obtain a fantastic jump around the system and get ahead of your competitors while Twitch nevertheless permit it. Oh, and don’t get scared off by the emails exactly where people have been refused companion. You realize you’re not basically banned because of this? You get to apply once again in a month. When the viewer bot method will not be working out for you and also you got declined partner, just stop using the bot and try once more next month. It’s definitely uncomplicated. There’s practically nothing wrong with doing it the superior ol’ fashion way, by any suggests, and I applaud you if you succeed by not gaming the Twitch system, you absolutely deserve the results. But there’s also nothing at all incorrect with receiving a little aid, specifically when 90% of the competitors are carrying out it also.

I just want you to know, if you’re reading this and hunting at using a viewer bot, that those major streamers you see on Twitch right now gathering all of these viewers and earning all of that money, they’re more than probably using a viewer bot. The only distinction is that they are producing a lot money from undertaking it, they are able to afford to use their very own viewer bot…probably one they had made, using proxies that no one else has access to and is costing them thousands to run. But they had to begin someplace, appropriate?

So, give Viewbotr ago, should you do not like it you are able to fast. You are not tied in to a contract with us, you won’t get your channel banned and also you won’t get in trouble. Test the waters, if it is not your style then we’ll every go our separate techniques, no inquiries asked and no hard feelings. Happy streaming!

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