Ventilated Bulk Bags Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth During 2019-2029

Posted by FMI on September 23rd, 2019

Ventilated Bulk Bags Market: Overview

Ventilated bulk bags are also known as ventilated FIBC bags. These ventilated bulk bags are classified as intermediate bulk containers because of their size. Ventilated bulk bags can be filled with weights between 500 to 4,000 pounds. Ventilated bulk bags are equipped with loops for lifting purposes as they are not small enough to be moved easily by hand. Use of Ventilated bulk bags can be witnessed in almost all the industries where dry bulk solids are handled including chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. Ventilated bulk bags are industrial bags with two and four handles mostly used for packaging agricultural products such as grains, salts, seeds etc. Ventilated bulk bags are mostly made from virgin polypropylene, netting or combination of both. Ventilated bulk bags are most commonly used for the storage of fresh produce such as onion, potatoes, fruits, wood fire etc. The fabric of the ventilated bulk bags provide maximum air flow through the fabric keeping the products fresh inside for a longer period of time. Ventilated bulk bags reduces product spoilage due to moisture and mold build up. Ventilated bulk bags provide an ideal and effective method for the storage of agricultural produce. A flap or duffel top is often used for the top closure and bottom spout for discharge. The Ventilated bulk bags fabric is designed with vented strips to provide the sir flow through fabric in contact with the products. Ventilated bulk bags can have up to 13 to 26 stripes on the bag fabric. The strip fabrics can either be on the four sides of the bag or on the two sides. Ventilated bulk bags are available with 4 loops, cross corner or side seam and the fabric is UV stabilized. The market for ventilated bulk bags is expected to expand rapidly in the agricultural market for better and safe storage of fresh produce.

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Ventilated Bulk Bags Market: Dynamics

Ventilated Bulk Bags provide 45% ventilated area whilst maintaining its strength, durability and protection. Ventilated Bulk Bags are available with safety factor 5:1. A standard ventilated bulk bag is rated at a 5:1 Safety Factor Ratio as per ISO 21898 norms, which means that the bag is specified to hold 5 times the amount of the bags safe working load.  A 5:1 Safety Ratio is for single use or single trip bags. The demand for ventilated bulk bags is high in the agricultural sector as these bags are 100% recyclable. The ventilated bulk bags are available in U-panel, four panel, circular, conical and baffle patterns. The rapid growth in the ventilated bulk bags market is expected to create lucrative opportunities in the emerging markets for new entrants. The provision of maximum air flow through the fabric of ventilated bulk bags is anticipated to drive the ventilated bulk bags market, especially in the agricultural industry. There has been a 4% increase in the Indian agricultural gross domestic product and India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetable after China. The demand for vegetables and fruits will never degrade and hence it is expected that ventilated bulk bags will always be high in demand in the agriculture industry.

Ventilated Bulk Bags Market: Geographical Outlook

The ventilated bulk bags market is expected to grow in the emerging markets such as India and China. As the agriculture industry in these two countries continue to expand, it is expected that ventilated bulk bags market will witness a positive growth during the forecast period. China and India are the largest and second largest countries to produce vegetables and fruits. Ventilated bulk bags market in developed countries such as the US, Germany, Italy and UK is quite mature and is expected to grow at a sluggish pace. The MENA region is the largest food importer in the world and therefore it is expected that the market for ventilated bulk bags is expected to rise in MENA region because of the imports.

Ventilated Bulk Bags Market: Manufacturers

  • LC Packaging
  • Star Industries
  • Global-Pak Inc.
  • Capro Industries
  • JumboSack Corporation
  • Bulk Lift International
  • Fischer Bag Company
  • Cliffe Packaging Ltd.

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