4 Reasons That May Account for Bad Breath

Posted by Alba on September 23rd, 2019

4 Reasons That May Account for Bad Breath

Do you suffer from bad breath or halitosis? Do you even know? There can be several reasons a person suffers from bad breath. It is not pleasant for you on anyone else if you have bad breath. We’ll go through a few of reasons why you may be suffering from bad breath and some of these are easily remedied by changing bad habits or adhering to a stricter regime for keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Here are some dentist tips.

Poor Oral Hygiene
Certain kinds of oral bacteria cause bad breath. This is another reason to ensure you have a good oral hygiene routine. Here are some things that we recommend:

  •          Brushing your teeth twice a day (we recommend using an electric toothbrush). This is the basis of all good oral hygiene and is inexpensive – all you need is time to do it regularly.
  •          Using fluoride tooth paste
  •          Either flossing or using inter dental brushes once a day
  •          Ensuring you are keeping your tongue clean as it can harbour bacteria and food debris. You can keep your tongue clean using your toothbrush or a tongue scraper
  •          Cleaning dentures thoroughly and removing them at night
  •          Using an antibacterial mouthwash or toothpaste.

If you follow this routine regularly you will significantly reduce the chance of bad breath.

Oral Disease
The bacteria from tooth decay and gum disease can also cause bad breath. It is important to come and see your dentist for your regular check-ups so that any signs of oral disease can be spotted and treated.

Dry Mouth
Saliva helps cleanse your mouth. A dry mouth could cause bad breath. Simply drinking more water can help and it is advised you should drink about three litres of water per day. Regular use of some medicines can also cause a dry mouth. Ask your GP or Pharmacist if the medicines you are regularly taking could be causing this. Oral sprays and gels may help, but most importantly stay hydrated!

There are so many more serious risks associated with smoking. However it is worth mentioning that smoking causes bad breath from the smell of the tobacco and smoke, reduces saliva flow and increases risk of gum disease. We urge you not to smoke and we can give you advice and contacts for smoking cessation.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is recommended that  you do not rinse your mouth with water straight after brushing your teeth, do not have lots of sugary foods and drink and do not brush so hard your gums or tongue bleed.

Visiting a dental practice regularly is very important as is attending a hygienist who can advise you on gum health. Gum disease is the leading reason for tooth loss and many other problems. It is important to ensure that you have good oral hygiene and healthy gums.

To summarise do not let bad breath control your life or love life. Practice good oral hygiene and come to see your dentist regularly

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