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      Are you in search of the next spectacular spot to host your midtown bachelorette brunch or you are just looking for the perfect place for a girls day out? You should consider checking out the Haswell greens on times squares. In case you have not heard about the Haswell greens bar, Haswell greens is a new beer hall in times squares that provides you with entertaining activities and full corporate event space in midtown. Located in 240 wests, 52nd street, the Haswell greens bar is the new sensational spot on the block, providing you some of the most fun-filled activities.

At the Haswell greens bar they offer an entertaining setting with a chic vibe that is perfect for your favourite events, the bar has a prohibition-themed setting with spectacular finishing touches that will make your occasion a sensational one, there is an industrial painting on the wall as well as a fusion of contemporary designs which makes it a perfect destination for hosting your events, the bar is also quite spacious and attractive which makes it a fascinating destination.

The Haswell greens bar is not only known for providing fully functional spaces but this beer hall also provides you with the best activities to indulge in. You can always enjoy the live music in Broadway, the live music at the Haswell greens bar offers you an entertaining session featuring some of the best contemporary artistes. After an entertaining live music session you can always enjoy the karaoke games. The Haswell greens bar offers you some of the best Broadway karaoke games. While you can enjoy the karaoke session at the Haswell greens bar you can also enjoy other recreational activities.

At this spectacular beer hall in midtown you can also explore their delicious food menu, they offer the best food in Times Square for you to choose from, and they have tasty delicacies like the tweak eggs, eggplant chips and other tasty dishes. While you can bask in the availability of delicious cuisines, you can also explore the craft beer menu. Haswell greens offer the best craft beers on the menu that ranges from popular selection to locally crafted beers. You can check the menu for craft beers like Guinness, lager and other popular craft beers.

So what more can you possibly for? The Haswell greens bar offers you the best Broadway live music as well as fully functional corporate spaces for your special midtown bachelorette drag brunch. You can inform your friends about this fascinating prohibition-themed beer hall and be sure to come over for the happy hours specials or the entertaining live music session.

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