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Posted by sergiomannino on September 24th, 2019

Many managers do not realize that their office sends a message every day.  The message is broadcast to employees, customers, and visitors – this message tells of the company mission, its direction, and its team – it is the one communicated by its design.  If you need help revising this message, it may be best to call in a professional interior design studio.

What Does Your Office Need?

To create the most suitable work environment for your clients and for your team, your office should have a proper look.  This applies to the walls, furniture, and layout.  Apart from keeping it professional-looking, it should also appear intriguing so that the employees feel refreshed and uplifted while working. Too many offices maintain neutral walls and fluorescent lighting that inspire anything but productivity and creativity.  A well-designed office makes employees feel happy, energetic, and ready to collaborate. 

Finding the Perfect Designers

Luckily, there is no shortage of firms that offer Office interior design in NYC. These designers represent both professionalism and style. Yet, designing a workspace is a special task that cannot be assigned to just any designer.  Instead, business owners and managers must find an experienced designer they can trust to do the work professionally, beautifully, within budget, and on time.  To know if a designer is right for you, review past work and seek testimonials from satisfied clients.  One available firm is Sergio Mannino – a Brooklyn-based studio established in 2008 that specializes in retail and office design.

The Overall Solution 

Hiring a commercial interior designer is a straight-forward process.  The most important factor to consider is if the designer will understand the scope of your business and its needs.  Great designers, like Sergio Mannino, know how to listen to clients and realize their unique vision.  Be sure to secure a studio with a full team of architects, designers, and brand consultants.  Whereas many firms know design, a commercial or retail designer also knows business.  A business-minded design will improve outcomes in any office or store. To learn more about NYC-based Sergio Mannion, visit

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