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Posted by Suman Mondal on September 24th, 2019

The best teachers never cease to learn about the best practices being followed in the field of education. While it may seem as a daunting proposition to find suitable resources that can be put to use to learn more about teaching, several means exist by virtue of which teachers can remain connected in their field of work even after they leave the setting within the university.

Games and activities

Thousands of pages full of games are available online to help students in improving their social skills, academics, and behavior. These websites provide a host of student activities, including crafts, seasonal arts, games, songs and a lot more. Valuable teaching resources can also be obtained from these sources including special education products, literacy tools, behavior management plans and a teacher toolbox. Experts in the field of special education teacher training often look into the design of the materials available on such websites. The strategies are designed specifically towards dealing with special needs students including disabilities affecting self-regulation, communication, social skills, and learning.

Curriculum and classroom techniques

Free classroom management techniques and curriculum strategies are available for effectively teaching special needs students. Some of these free resources of special education course include:

- Ways to adapt and supplement classroom materials with printed materials, charts, books, and activities

- Tips on creating an inclusive classroom complete with educational technology and behavior modification

- Informative articles on developmental disabilities, mental health, ADD/ADHD, and wellness

- Information and tools that can be used with students in various assessment areas

- Tips and tools that will help students in learning subjects such as social studies, mathematics, science, language, and reading

- Teaching methodology articles that promote better management and teaching of students having special needs

Keeping yourself informed

Agencies such as the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) in the USA provide information and news on the special education teaching methodologies. Some of the resources that this website has to offer include:

- A special monthly journal that focuses on the special education trends

- A list of procedures, checklists, tables, and forms that can be viewed and printed for helping manage and organize all activities that need to be done on a daily basis

- News alerts for helping you stay on top of the newest research discoveries

- Articles to read to assessing students for their placement in special education

- Monthly publications that include information, tools, and strategies for better classroom management

- Handouts to give to parents following a parent-teacher conference to help them better understand how they can be of assistance to their children at home

- Several articles on classroom management, behavior modification, assessments, and autism that can be read and printed for sharing with parents and other teachers

Social media

Social networking sites continue to provide a large community of individuals doing special education teacher training consultations on what strategies are deemed effective for their work. Here is a look at some of the social networking sites that can be used for connecting with other educators:

Facebook: There are active special education course teacher groups on Facebook. You simply need to introduce yourself and get right into the mix of the discussion

Twitter: Follow teachers and experts as they tweet news, information, and resource links. You can also chip in with your own tips, tweet responses, or consider joining chats where you can meet other teachers

LinkedIn: This is a social networking site exclusively for professionals. Create a profile that highlights your special education credentials, experience, and current teaching location. You get a chance to connect with a host of other professionals and teachers in the special education field when you network through this site


Special education has emerged as one of the fastest growing fields of career / education professionals in the world. Furthering your education with an advanced degree coupled with proper utilization of available free resources will help you become better prepared in drawing maximum success in an otherwise highly demanding career.

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