NCERT Biotechnology Solutions for CBSE Class 12

Posted by Anand on September 24th, 2019

Biotechnology is an important subject in CBSE Classes highlighting important concepts which include chemical reactions, principles, equations and a lot more. The Biotechnology stream is often preferred by those who are aspiring to pursue professional courses after 12th. Biotechnology is a field of applied Biology that includes the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in many fields like Engineering, Technology, Medicine, etc. requiring by-products. Apart from theory Classes, there are also practical labs along with theory, which calls for a lot of hard work for students in this stream. A student who opts for the Biotechnology stream opens both medical and non-medical career options, including medical Biotechnology, engineering, and other interdisciplinary careers. If interested in a medical field, students will have to include Biology along with Physics and Chemistry as your core subject combination, while for Engineering, students will have to opt for mathematics or Physics as the core subject. However, there are also many other career options are available for Biotechnology stream students. It is always better to decide your career path at this stage only and choose the relevant subjects accordingly. After studying Biotechnology stream in 12th and 10th CBSE Classes students can opt to for further higher education in different fields such as Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Cytology, Dental Biotechnology, Genetics, Pharmaceuticals, Space technology, Robotics, Biotechnology, Metallurgy, Forensic Biotechnology, and many others, other than traditionally popular medical and engineering career. While preparing for the exams students seek Biotechnology Class 12 NCERT solution because they can get their problems resolved anytime, anywhere. E-learning has made it so accessible and affordable. It allows students to access learning solutions anytime anywhere. These online learning platforms save the time of the students as there is always a big pressure and shortage of time while preparing for the topic. For example, while studying Biotechnology a student faces a problem in a topic in which he did not find any solution. In such a situation online study platform provides a solution that can help students for the resolution of his problem. Extramarks a recognized Educational Technology company deliver students solutions and learning for all Classes and subjects. The most popular and major focused courses and solutions are available for CBSE Class 12 and 12th board exam preparations. The online solution gives a thorough view of each concept and is enriched using animated images and videos. Solutions for all the subjects like Biotechnology Class 12 NCERT solution, Extramarks has all its courses and content mapped to the CBSE curriculum.

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