Pros of Using Advisory Services after Business Owner’s Death

Posted by deprezleadership on September 24th, 2019

In addition to being a huge shock for the family members, the unexpected and sudden death of any business owner will also affect employees too.  Employees, customers suppliers, the bank and others will face the dilemma of future ownership issues, leadership, potential business decline and other challenges.   

The void created by the death of the business owner raises the big question as to who will take charge and run the business. Employees remain fearful and insecure about their jobs and income. In such a situation, they will look for support and strong leadership.  To help business during this most difficult transition period there are a few companies which offer advisory services to address both emotional and business matters. 

In addition to grief and sorrow, the business owner’s sudden and unexpected death can lead to panic, fear and uncertainty.  The company needs to provide Assured Leadership after a Business Owner Dies to support and guide the employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  Each group will respond positively when they see that a competent assured leader is guiding the company.   

Virtually every business shocked by the death of a business owner will benefit from the support of an advisor who can help them with its transition leadership.  A company that is led by an assured and competent CEO who can address the issues and challenges will build confidence levels which will enhance the employees focus on serving the customers. Many businesses are working with advisory firms to help them stay focused and overcoming the loss of the owner.

After the death of a business owner the long-term future needs to be assess and an action plan developed.  Most companies need to bring in a professional advisor to evaluate the company, its management team, its strategic position in the market and its future cash flow to determine the best course of action.  This outside advisor is especially needed now because the family members are dealing with grief and estate issues and management is focused on running the business.  Only a professional third-party advisor will have the time and independent perspective to assess the situation and unemotionally determine the best course of action.   

When factoring in the multiple challenges, one can see how the Impact of a Business Owner's Death on the employees and other stakeholders is usually negative. Many problems can results including employees leaving, customers leaving, suppliers reducing credit terms, the bank not renewing loans and other challenges.  However, working with a professional advisory firm can mitigate the negative impact of a business owner’s death and help the company to thrive

These advisory companies work with the transition leader, its other trusted advisors and the family to develop a transition action plan to mitigate the impact.  These firms after assessing the long-term strategy will also guide the leadership team and family through additional challenges.  Adding this depth of knowledge and experience will result in the company responding more positively to challenges and developing a more certain future.  

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