Impact of DUI on Your Career

Posted by Joseph Franks on September 25th, 2019

Unfortunately, if you are arrested for a DUI, the possible consequences might go way beyond serving jail time. Probably, you are not aware of the possible DUI devastating impact on your job. Therefore, this article shed some light on the potential consequences. Let us have a look into it in detail.

 Suspension of Driving License

In the event of being charged under DUI, your license will be suspended, and you do not get an exemption for driving to/from work. Then to opt for the probable commute you have to take the taxi, hiring a private driver, or taking the bus to and from work, which will cost you a lot. Besides that, taking the bus is unreliable and you might end up losing your job due to late comings. Besides, if your job requires you to drive, then you are out of luck.

 Mandatory firing policy

Unfortunately, many employers provide in their handbook or employment contracts that in the event of the probable conviction of a crime, the candidature will be rejected. Therefore, if your employer has that policy, then you might lose your job. Furthermore, employers who have this policy require you to inform them immediately upon an arrest.

 Insurance loss

Another impact is that if your job requires you to drive, and you manage to keep your license, then your insurance company might not insure people with DUIs. If the company for driving a vehicle or heavy equipment gives you insurance, then your employer will lose coverage if they keep you employed. In such a situation, your employer might have no choice but to fire you. Besides, if you try to be covered, then your insurance will be more expensive. Hence, your employer might not want to pay extra to keep you, and will eventually fire you. 

 Diversion program

On the off chance that you are fortunate enough to fit the bill for a preoccupation program that gives you a chance to stay away from prison time, there could be an obligatory warning of your boss and even expected visits to you at work. On the off chance that you can demonstrate that your handbook gives that conviction of wrongdoing is the reason for terminating, at that point a few states may defer this prerequisite. In any case, a few states require a blameworthy supplication for section into a preoccupation program, and if your boss discovers you have been indicted, you will likely lose your employment. 

 Professional license

Numerous professional licenses, for example, for legal advisors, medical attendants, specialists, and even plumber necessitate that any capture is unveiled to the authorizing organization. Contingent upon your state and the office, it could influence your permit legitimacy. You might lose your permit and lose your activity.

 Missed work

You'll miss work for court appearances and potentially for obligatory liquor treatment. There could be obligatory detainment. You could get hit with over the top non-appearance. Furthermore, there's the shame of disclosing why you must be out. 


Numerous schools and colleges inquire as to whether you have any criminal convictions. Thus monetary guide applications might be influenced by a DUI. You may need to demonstrate you've experienced a treatment program or may miss out through and through. 

 Commercial driver's license

A DUI will appear on your commercial driving record for a long time. In case you are a business driver, your profession is conceivably at an end. 


In a nutshell, DUI will have severe consequences on your existing and future employment opportunities. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a DUI attorney in Las Vegas, NV to avoid jail time and severe financial charges.

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