Economics Class 12 Sample Solutions for ICSE Board

Posted by Anand on September 25th, 2019

Economics has a lengthy syllabus for ICSE Economics Class 12 and it is considered a scoring subject as good marks in economics are important for good boards' results. Textbook exercises and questions answers are not enough for a strong boards' preparation, having a diverse course it requires some secondary study sources. Chapters are lengthy and factual which are hard to learn, a good understanding of every chapter and proper notes of important topics is necessary for boards students. Therefore it is important to refer to different sample papers, question banks to prepare , as these cover the entire chapters in the form of Q&A making it easy to retain information for a longer time. During boards preparations when students have multiple subjects with the never-ending syllabus to prepare sample papers can be a great saviour. There are Apps available with good study material for preparation, students must choose an App which is user-friendly, easy to understand and has a varied amount of study material of their respective Class. One such App is the Extramarks App where students of ICSE Class 12 boards can find Economic fresh sample papers, past year papers and audiovisuals of various topics for better understanding and fun learning. Modern way of E-learning makes studying fun and breaks the monotony by introducing a new method other than the conventional method of preparation which becomes the need of the hour for students preparing for ICSE boards. Owing to thorough preparations, exam pressure, regular tests in school and tuitions innovative learning is a necessity for Class 12 students. Such learning methods and papers breaks the monotony and makes learning fun. Extramarks App has been designed in a manner that is more descriptive as well as interest generating, having audiovisuals explanation of all chapters Extramark App makes introduces fun learning with innovative learning methods for students. ICSE Class 12 Economics Sample papers available on the App can help students to understand answer formation which attracts the attention of teachers and help gain good marks. These help the students to learn time management and an effective way to attempt the question paper. Apart from Economics Class 12 sample papers, assignments on every chapter, question bank, MCQs’ and a video explanation of topics are available on the App. By solving these sample papers students will be prepared thoroughly for the final exams. Get the best ICSE Class 12 Economics Sample papers on Extramarks.

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