Four Ways Cloud can help your Customerís Business Grow

Posted by Cindy Guerra on September 25th, 2019

Over the years, cloud computing has garnered a remarkable amount of attention within the business ecosystem. While globally the market is expected to cross 0 billion mark by 2022, Middle East is witnessing an outstanding growth. In fact, many IT distribution companies in UAE are witnessing a significant sales growth in cloud services. However, one of the primary reasons behind the increase in adoption is its reduced infrastructure cost. 

Be it a startup, SME or any established business; every scale of business can make optimum use of cloud computing to ease the operations and make it seamless. Low awareness about the benefits, security and reliability of cloud technology makes it difficult for sellers to convince the potential buyers adopt cloud services.

Here, we list four key benefits why your customer should switch to cloud services:

1. Cost effectiveness –

Cloud has proven to be an extremely cost effective option with its utility-based payment model. While other hardware and software require maintenance, with cloud your business does not incur a huge expenditure. All IT needs, such as upgrades, servicing, etc. are managed by the cloud provider. Thus, your IT team is free to tackle other important projects in the organization.

While these savings occur, businesses simply pay a monthly fee, based on their usage of the cloud services. The cloud makes computing and IT resources much more affordable, allowing businesses of all sizes to conduct their operations without the hassle of IT maintenance.

2. Scalability -

Growing businesses expect a flux in their operations, which makes fixed costs, associated with IT infrastructure a liability. Cloud allows organizations the freedom to scale their software, networks, process or appliance up and down as per market demand. For example, when business demands are on the rise, the business can easily add servers to manage the traffic. Similarly, with a drop in traffic, the original configuration can be used.

3. Ease of use –

Cloud computing helps employees in office remotely access their files and documents from anywhere, at any point of time, using any computing device. This means a high amount of flexibility in working models for your organization, improving the overall productivity of the employees, and simultaneously creating greater capabilities for collaboration.

4. Analytics

Today, data and analytics are essential to driving sales and increasing revenue. Cloud technology provides accurate data and analytics, which organizations can utilize for business strategy and reporting. With the given customizations, you can better manage your own expanding data while accessing new sources of data to gain amazing insight. 

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