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Posted by Game On on September 25th, 2019

Watching a sports game is a great experience in itself. You learn a lot about the sport, sportsman spirit and also get the adrenaline rush when the game is edging towards the end. From nail-biting games to ones that are a clean sweep, each game is worth the time. But, watching games alone is not that fun! If you have no one to accompany you, no one to share the excitement and no one to share the drinks and snacks with during the match, the match becomes dull and tedious. So why don’t you head to Brisbane pubs that are showcasing the much-awaited game? Well, it is a good idea but how will you know which pub is showing which sport? Club hoping to catch the game is sure not appealing. So then, what can you do? 

There is nothing much that you can do here. Either you have to have a very strong network of information providers who can help you get the information prior only. Or else, it is you, your TV and a bag of chips! It sounds too boring, isn’t it? But finding Sydney pubs live streaming the sport you want to watch, at the time when you head there is also an impossible feat. 

Another solution to this could be to bribe your siblings to watch the match with you or maybe your significant other can be tricked into sitting on the sofa with you. But your sibling will probably ask for your kidney and your partner will be angry with you later. Both ways, you will have to face some major consequences for getting the company. Well, now you don’t have to take so much pain for a match. With Game On, you can now check-out the clubs and sports bars that are streaming the game that you want to watch and at what time. Game On helps you find not only places but also helps you get deals. They also display the latest offers going on in the clubs and pubs. Also, you get to meet like-minded fans. Maybe discussing the awesome goals or other game highlights over a can of beer, help you find your soul mate or at least build friendships for a lifetime! It’s time to Game On now!

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Game On is Australia’s largest gaming information portal, informing sports enthusiasts about pubs live broadcasting their favourite game. Now watch premier league live at pubs near you with information on Game On!

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