Why should you translate and localize your website?

Posted by markwahl barg on September 25th, 2019

In the global market, it is vitally important that companies present their messages, products, and services in the right language and the appropriate cultural context. For this reason, you will need Best website translation services. It is undoubtedly a key component of an effective Internet Marketing strategy. We list below 4 valid reasons for translating and localizing your website.

1. Participate in the big race:

It is expected that the total volume of online transactions (B2B and B2C) will reach in billion dollars. Top managers from all over the world recognize the Internet as a strategic role in allowing their companies to survive and remain competitive in the coming years. The big race has already started, and everyone can participate.

2. Breaking down geographical boundaries:

Your website allows you to present your company, advertise and market your products and services or develop contacts with new partners and suppliers. 

However, if your site is in one language, how many people will be able to understand your messages or do business with you? Break down geographical and linguistic boundaries and play in the front row in the great challenge of globalization with a multilingual site. Get in touch with a good Website translation agency.

3. English is no longer sufficient:

90% of the world population speaks a language other than English, and the increasing spread of the Internet is increasingly reducing the percentage of users who speak this language. 

To date, over 400 million users (63% of the online population) speak languages ​​other than English, and around 100 million of them search only in their native language. 

It is expected that, in the future, 50% of all online transactions will take place in languages ​​other than English. All this leads to more competition from websites created or translated and localized in local languages.

4. Capturing new opportunities in emerging markets:

The globalization of the economy and growth rates in developing countries and economies in transition have already enabled many companies of all types and sizes to face potential new markets, where their products and services are required or where they can find suppliers at, particularly advantageous conditions. 

On the Internet there is always someone looking for what you offer, or can provide you with what you are looking for: being able to communicate effectively with such contacts is of strategic importance for companies that look to the future.

If you also want to grow your online business, do not hesitate to get in touch with Website localization services.



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