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Posted by Digitalengineer on September 25th, 2019

A jade roller has, in recent years, grown to become one of the most coveted beauty tools. The beauty product that has beaten the odds to make it to the list of the most used products amongst the latest ones like an electric ionic hairbrush. Originating from ancient China, the jade roller has traditional remedies, is used for face massage, and helps to enhance circulation.

Benefits of Using A Jade Roller?

Most people may have only seen the roller crop up in their social media feeds. As its popularity grows, for most people ask the question, what are the benefits of a jade roller? The following are some of the main pros of using a jade roller.

Cooling the skin: - The roller has a natural cooling sensation that helps to depuff and soothe inflammations while also calming the skin.

Stimulating Blood Circulation:– the beauty product also offers the user gentler pressure that helps to stimulate blood circulation around the facial skin. This, in return, helps to keep the facial muscles more relaxed.

Encouraging Lymphatic Drainage: - the jade roller encourages the lymphatic drainage in a seamless way, thereby boosting the skin's natural detoxification processes.

Drawing Away Toxins: - you may have invested in the best facial cleansing brush and loved it for long. However, a jade roller can equally do the job. As it works on the skin, the jade roller helps to draw away toxic substances from deep within the skin, which in return allows for a gentler toning and lifting effect to manifest itself.

Stress Relief: - a facial massage procedure is known to relieve stress. While using a jade roller as a daily ritual, it will be easier to relieve even more stress and tensions. It will also help by acting as self-care for the day.

The other benefits of using a jade roller include: -

• Reducing the appearance of under the eye circles. This works best if the roller is cold.
• Brightening your complexion.
• Tightening your skin pores.
• Helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines (or contours).
• Helping skincare products to penetrate easily and deeper.

How to Use A Jade Roller -

To get the best results, a jade roller works best if rolled on the lower part of the face first and then working upwards. Also, the user should try and roll in both up and down as well as in sideward directions.

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